DevCon 2015: announcement of keynote speakers of the plenary session

    Hello, dear developers, testers and everyone involved in software development. We continue to work on our DevCon 2015 conference and today we are ready to introduce key speakers to the plenary session of the most interesting resort conference of the year.

    The conference will open with a two-hour plenary report , within the framework of which, by tradition, an overview of all the company’s news for developers over the last year from the last conference will be given.

    The opening of the conference is a very important part of the program and we have already identified keynote speakers.

    These will be:

    Giorgio Sardo
    Senior Director, Developer Experience & Evangelism, Microsoft Corporation

    Giorgio Sardo is senior director of Microsoft's Developer & Platform Evangelism group and is responsible for client technologies and devices: Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox One, and HoloLens.

    Giorgio leads a team of engineers and evangelists who are engaged in innovative directions in the company. He influences the definition of a product strategy, working closely with the development ecosystem, coordinates technical communications and plenary presentations of major Microsoft events, and also develops applications and games together with partners around the world.

    Giorgio is a popular speaker. In recent years, he has spoken at hundreds of conferences around the world, such as Build, Future of the Web, and TEDx.

    Prior to joining Developer & Platform Evangelism, Giorgio Sardo won the Microsoft Imagine Cup international technology competition and was nominated as the Best Consultant of the Year by the British Computer Society.

    Giorgio devoted his first years at Microsoft to the development of web technologies.

    Alexander Lozhechkin
    Director of Developer Experience (DX), Microsoft Central & Eastern Europe

    Alexander Lozhechkin runs the DX business in the Microsoft Central & Eastern Europe regions, covering 10 branches and 34 countries.

    DX is responsible for developing an ecosystem of partners and applications on Windows, Windows Phone, Microsoft Azure and server technologies; for his wide communication with the technical audience (including developers, IT specialists, students, startups, software developers), as well as for marketing and sales of Visual Studio and MSDN.

    Alexander is a member of the board of directors of Microsoft Central & Eastern Europe.

    Previously, Alexander was the director of DX at Microsoft Russia.

    Before joining Microsoft in 2004, he led the development of DocsVision's document management system software.

    Alexander has a PhD in computer technology. Born in Russia and lives in Munich.

    Mikhail Chernomordikov
    Director, Developer Experience (DX) at Microsoft Russia

    Responsible for developing the ecosystem of applications in Windows, Windows Phone, Microsoft Azure and server technologies, extensive communication with the technical audience (including developers, IT specialists, students, startups, software vendors), relationship management with a community of investors and funds, as well as for Visual Studio, MSDN marketing and sales.

    Key skills:
    - deep experience in business development, public speaking, strategic partnership, visualization of messages;
    - A wide and valuable professional network, which includes the largest European leaders of Internet companies, international developers of games, media and the press, as well as IT-related stakeholders in the government;
    - a public voice on television, radio, the press, industrial competitions and social media.

    Michael graduated from the Murmansk State Technical University with a master's degree in computer technology.

    Michael began his career at MSFT in 2007 as a Microsoft technology evangelist for software developers.

    From 2005 to 2007, Mikhail promoted Microsoft technologies for students and teachers of the Murmansk State Technical University, as well as in various Murmansk companies as the Microsoft Student Partner. At the same time, he was the founder and leader of the Murmansk Union of Developers MSTU DA. At meetings, he, along with other students and developers, made various presentations and discussions about modern IT technologies.

    And further...

    This time, as part of the plenary report, a large number of live demonstrations of a wide variety of technologies, products and services are planned , because this year a large number of various new products from Microsoft are expected .

    Giorgio Sardo , whom some of you may remember last year as an incendiary speaker and a person who is engaged in the latest and newest technologies at Microsoft, will not come alone, but with his team. He promises to tell and show all the newest and most relevant, on which Microsoft has been working recently.

    In addition, colleagues from Microsoft Corporation promise us master classes on various technologies and a lot of interesting reports.

    Of course, what DevCon without Alexander Lozhechkin and Mikhail Chernomordikov ? They also kindly agreed to attend the opening.

    Want to speak at DevCon 2015?

    DevCon 2015 is not only an opportunity to obtain relevant knowledge on Microsoft products and technologies, but also a unique chance to speak at the main technology development conference. If you want to share your knowledge, you can apply to the organizers .

    See you!

    We are working hard to make the next DevCon 2015 even better than the previous ones. Our team is preparing an excellent technical and entertaining program for you. We chose the perfect venue for the conference. And in the list of our speakers the most interesting experts with unique experience and content have already been announced. And he will be replenished weekly with new faces, so stay tuned!

    Registration is still open, hurry to get your ticket to the world of the future of Microsoft technologies!

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