Raspberry Pi January update breaking streamer

The January firmware update from Raspberry Pi for Raspbian brought a surprise in itself as a non-working stream from a camera processed using MJPG-Streamer. It would seem that everything happens as usual: the MJPG-Streamer starts up normally, the web server is working and accessible, but there is no picture. There are no errors or warnings in the logs. The note presents the solution found to a similar situation.

The situation, of course, is not pleasant. In order to somehow start broadcasting, the -y parameter had to be added to the start command, which switches the broadcast mode from MJPEG to YUYV, and it even worked, but 5 times worse. Only 3 fps:


At the same time, as already mentioned, the video frequency is only 3 fps, and the processor load is 100%. The latest kernel version is also shown, updating to which broadcasting has broken. Currently it is 3.18.5 and it contains a bug. There are discussions and proposed solutions on the github in the firmware development branch, but none of them led to a positive result.

Obviously, you need to do something about it. Although it is not correct to rearrange the system, no solution was found. Surprisingly, previous versions of the system for downloading were not available on the manufacturer’s website. As it turned out, not in vain. After searching again, I found a way to roll back the kernel using the Raspberry Pi itself. It is done by the same team that broke it:

sudo rpi-update f74b92120e0d469fc5c2dc85b2b5718d877e1cbb

The rpi-update utility updates the firmware. At the same time, the hash of the desired commit to which you want to upgrade is indicated as an argument. This hash refers to the latest commit on the 3.12.36 kernel. The system has been updated to an outdated kernel. No matter how it sounds.

All commit hashes can be viewed here .

After successfully working out the command and rebooting, you can see a normal picture:


Be careful in choosing updates and do not do this without any special need.

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