Bookmark sync already in beta Opera 28

    Today Opera 28 has matured to beta and is ready for more extensive testing and your feedback. This beta includes some interesting enhancements, particularly for bookmarks. For example, now you can synchronize bookmarks between computers or Android phones and the address bar now tells you if something similar is in your bookmarks.

    We also did something for the Mac: the installer is much easier and the integration with OS X Yosemite has improved. We also updated the built-in themes and Chromium to version 41.0.2272.35 for even better compatibility.

    Bookmarks, sync and other improvements

    Now you can use your bookmarks on several devices at once: on any computers with Opera 28 beta or Opera 28 beta for Android . We worked on this in the experimental builds of Developer. Today, the quality of work has earned the status of "beta" - which means that soon the finale!

    If you want to try synchronization, click on the Opera profile icon to the right of the address bar and enter your Opera account (or register if you haven’t done so already). Do the same on other devices and you will see your bookmarks everywhere!

    We also did some minor improvements for the bookmark manager. One of your most popular queries was to include bookmarks in the address bar tooltips. We are glad to inform you that everything is ready - bookmark tips are marked with a heart on the left.

    Improvements for Mac

    Our Mac team worked hard to improve Opera’s integration with the latest release of OS X. In Opera 28 beta, we did the following:

    • Added this trendy blurry translucency panel with tooltips in the address bar
    • Improved the behavior of tabs in full screen mode (now tabs move out with the menu)
    • We squeezed everything we could from the installer and auto-update packages - now they are a quarter less!

    New built-in themes

    Opera 28 includes an update for built-in themes so you can take a fresh look at your start page. The predominant theme is mountains:

    Any ideas or feedback on the new beta? Do not be shy, we are very interested.


    See also full changelog .

    PS about the fighters of the invisible front

    Together with this beta, we released a patch for Browser.js , which hides an annoying incompatibility plate, saying that your browser is not a browser on Google Drive. Unfortunately, we could not solve this problem otherwise. It looks something like this, with a little hello to our colleagues in the Blink engine:

    if(hostname.contains('') || hostname.contains('')){
    	document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {
    		var target = document.querySelector('#drive_main_page [aria-live="assertive"]');
    console.log('Google, please make sure your obfuscator does not change
    	class names, so our patch continues working (or stop browser-sniffing as we both
    	use and contribute to Blink!) - love, Opera.');

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