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    Seagate is glad to welcome you, friends, in the personal blog on Habré!

    Here we will talk about our most interesting and important news, share expert opinions and publish interviews with company representatives, and, of course, answer your questions.

    We are sure that you are already familiar with us - in absentia or even personally through our products - so we decided not to dedicate a welcome letter to the publication of detailed information about us (in addition, it can be found in the Profile section) Rather, we want to share our joy with you and talk about one very significant event for us - the grand rebranding, presented on January 4 at the international consumer electronics exhibition CES 2015. The central element of the new brand is a logo that fully meets the goals of the company and, as it seems to us may be called her soul, because now he is truly alive! In the new animated logo, you can see the best images from Getty Images and a live stream of content from social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, etc. All this was done to demonstrate how storage technologies change the lives of people around the world and show moving and the vibrant nature of information that encourages people to be creative, inventions and new achievements. If you haven’t seen him yet,Seagate, he continuously passes through an infinite number of stories and events captured in digital photos. We really want you to share this joy with us! And, of course, to hear your opinion - because everything that we do, we do for you, friends!

    Seagate Team

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