Festival "City of TechnoCreativity" takes place in Yekaterinburg

    Our hackspace MakeItLab takes part in the City of TechnoCreativity festival that is currently taking place in Yekaterinburg.

    The festival is not a project of any corporation; it is held by volunteers who are interested in the development and popularization of technical creativity.

    The essence of the project is the organization and conduct of workshops for 4+ audiences, in various areas - this is robotics, programming, 3D printing, and performances and much more. The 2015 program can be read here .

    The festival was already held in February 2014, then 18 events took place at 9 venues in Yekaterinburg. More than 500 schoolchildren and students took part in the festival.

    Read more about the festival and this year's program.

    How was the festival formed? Here is what Irina Zakirova (executive director of the festival) says about this:
    It all happened in the summer of 2013. Ideas, as a rule, do not come spontaneously. Not only insight is important, but also the incubation period, when the idea is born. And also the experience that always stays with you. Me and Rezeda (Rezeda Rybalko - the head of the festival) were helped by our ten-year experience of working with gifted high school students. Despite the fact that the Center “Giftedness and Technology”, in which we worked, was actually closed through reorganization, we still have our experience and a team of students and teachers from the Central Educational Center. The team in which we created educational events and projects at the level of the city, region and region. High school students and I learned to develop ideas, work in a team, make choices, make decisions and take responsibility for the situation.

    The social and educational project “Festival of the City of Techno-Creativity” has become our civic initiative. The festival was completely made by volunteers. Basically, these are young people aged 14 to 30 years. Many volunteers were graduates of the Center and our students.

    The motto of the festival was the words of the scientific director of the festival Novoselov Sergei Arkadevich:
    You can teach anyone to invent in any field. It is important to create a motive so that the child becomes interested

    A brief overview of the festival events:

    Excursion to the center of prototyping and prototyping of Ural Federal University [February 05]

    Powder 3D Printer

    In our city there is a wonderful center " Prototyping and Prototyping at UrFU ", about which there was an article on the hub (photo from the article).

    There is a 3D powder printer - which allows you to print color 3D models. Information on the tour .

    TechnoMaster Workshop “Collect the Robot”

    To get acquainted with robotics with the support of our hackspace, the first openly accessible robotics club is open every day (from February 2 to 8) from 10:00 to 22:00, in the Greenwich shopping center, Level 3, next to the playground. more details .

    Vibro bot

    A vibrating robot is a simple “robot” consisting of a vibro-motor, a battery, a case (a cardboard cup) and flasters. When it is turned on, placing it on a piece of paper - it begins to draw drawings. On the IT-Tree that we conducted last year - the guys really liked them.

    Start: February 07, at 11:00
    Venue: TC Europe (3rd floor), ave. Lenin, 25. Read more

    TECHNO night [February 7]

    TechnoNight is an event of an experimental format - a combination of cognitive and entertainment programs on the subject of technical creativity, modern technology and robotics. In one place it will be possible to see light and sound installations, robots of various stripes, listen to popular lectures on scientific topics, attend master classes, create a new reality in the game. Everyone who comes will be able to touch the miracle of technical creativity!

    Start: 20-00, February 7,
    Venue: Ural State Economic University, ul. March 8, 62

    TechnoNight will begin at 20-00, February 7, and will last until one in the morning on February 8, 2015.

    Radio electronics in our life or an almighty router

    Perhaps you read articles on the manufacture of the School Bell on the basis of a router on the hub , the author of these articles, Vyacheslav Mezentsev (@ViacheslavMezentsev), will hold a master class on routers on how to use them (mobile Internet, programming) as part of the “Night camps of young engineers”:

    At the workshop “Radio Electronics in Our Life or the Almighty Router”, children will learn how to use a router to solve specific life problems and comfort on trips. How to use a router to make a radio-controlled robot, a school bell and many other useful things.

    Documents (for participation): Regulation on night training for young engineers with an agreement

    “Microcontrollers are easy! And the network is generally easy! ”

    Our good friend from Popov Radio Engineering College, Sergey Grishchenko (@ ssg1712), will hold a master class on working with microcontrollers (programming on Arduino).

    Also on TechnoNight Sergey will bring a copter:

    And a manipulator arm:

    Interactive sand

    The essence of the project is that a projector is broadcast on the sand, and the sand topography is also taken. This information is processed - and a landscape picture is formed - mountains, water. And a person can change the terrain of sand - change the landscape. The project was carried out by the participants of our hackspace, and will be demonstrated at the festival.

    In the framework of Techno Nights from 20.00 to 23.00 - the Interactive Sand booth will be available

    3d printing workshop

    Interest in 3D printing is gaining momentum every year. A photo from the festival “City of TechnoCreativity” from last year (2014) - Oleg Evsegneev (curator of the hackspace MakeItLab) - shows the guys a freshly printed 3D whistle.

    Here's another photo from the last festival - the guys received 3D printed figures as a keepsake:

    As part of Techno Nights - 21.00 and 22.30 - 3D Printing Workshop. Oleg for the second year tirelessly brings this technology to the masses. Everyone who wants to get to know 3D printers better is invited to this event.


    About Denis Perevalov, and the OpenFrameworks framework on the basis of which interactive installations (performances) are created, we recently talked about . Denis responded to our offer to participate in the festival, and set up 5 interactive installations for the Tech City Festival, including the opening of the festival (pictured is one of Denis’s interactive installations, The Moth-Man Interactive Installation ).

    Lecture Programming the future. How to teach a computer to do what it needs without programming [February 05]

    In the framework of Techno Nights: From 20.00 to 23.00 - Light, color and sound installations. Denis Perevalov and his team are like magicians: you touch the table, and a beautiful picture appears in the monitor, sounds are pouring from the speakers, you drive around the table - and now you are an artist and musician right away. Or you stamp your foot, and beams of light appear around. Magic! It’s better to see once and ask the guys what the secret is.

    List of all events of the TechnoNight event .

    3D printer assembly marathon

    The marathons for assembling 3D printers is an interesting lesson, and our hackspace and the organizers of the festival did not stand aside, and on February 20 there will be a marathon for assembling 3D printers.

    This is an open event for any educational organizations. To become a participant in the techno-marathon, you need to nominate a team of a teacher and 3 schoolchildren, register on the festival website and pay for the cost of 3D printer components. More details


    In this review, it is impossible to cover all the events; for more details, see the program.

    The festival “City of TechnoCreativity” is a civic initiative of enthusiasts, and no one has set any goals for commercial gain, but if you want to support the financial project ( Charitable contribution to the Techno-creation festival ), these funds will be used to further develop the idea of ​​the festival.

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