Gaming industry news winter digest

    Winter is the perfect time for gamers and developers. On cold nights, games become more attractive, and development becomes more productive. Let's find out how things were in the gaming industry at the beginning of winter.


    Oscar Clark of Everyplay believes the gold rush in the mobile market has ended.
    The research company SuperData has published an infographic with profit data for the most popular mobile games.
    Eric Sefert, marketing director at Wooga, spoke about what awaits the mobile industry this year.
    Google has published a list of the most popular games and applications of 2014.
    The RevMob mobile ad network has produced infographics demonstrating how seasonal holidays affect application marketing.
    The best mobile games of 2014 that you most likely missed.


    Simon Presley from Crytek talked about why you need to control the sound volume in games.

    Important news

    APM Music and Unity have signed a partnership agreement. Now, developers in the Unity Asset Store have access to a huge library of sounds from games, movies and TV shows.
    Autodesk has provided free student access to their products in 188 countries.
    Apple called Monument Valley and Threes! the best games of the year.
    The 2014 TGA was awarded in early December. For those who missed - full video.
    Steam set a new record: 8.47 million users online.

    News of game projects

    David Jeff, who had a hand in projects such as God of War and Twisted Metal, is working on the creation of a shooter Drawn to Death - it will look very unusual.
    For the development of the next part of Assassin's Creed, which will take place in Victorian London, Ubisoft from Quebec has taken over. The game will be released this year on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.
    Fullbright are developing a new Tacoma game, the release is scheduled for 2016.
    Hatred has been removed from Steam Greenlight, 2 days later she was returned back, and Gabe apologized to the developers.
    The Swedish underwear company has released a new game, First Person Lover, which mimics the recently announced Hatred project.
    The Polygon portal also shared its vision of the best games that came out in 2014. In their opinion, deserved recognition: DA: Inquisition , Wolfenstein: The New Order , Dark Souls 2 , Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor , Mario Kart 8 , Far Cry 4 , Shovel Knight , PT

    Company news

    It became knownthat the founder of Unity, David Helgason, is leaving the post of leader and will be engaged in strategy and communications in the company. In his place came the former top manager of Electronic Arts John Richitello.
    Rovio closed a studio in Tampere and fired 110 employees.
    Boyd Malterer, who spent 20 years developing Xbox Live, left Microsoft .

    This is a useful

    8 drawing and texturing tools in games.
    How to create a table of counting lives, time, points in HTML5 using WiMi5.
    The basics of creating quests.
    Journalist Simon Hill talked about how to take the right screenshot and write a good description of the application.
    Plants vs. Art Director Tips Zombies that will help in the development of a career as a designer.
    How to make a good sequel to casual games.
    Sergey Babaev told at what stage it is necessary to start communicating with publishers , what to indicate in the first letter, whom you can contact the publisher in the CIS, and what to do if your game "did not go."
    An interesting article about game engines, which became more accessible in 2014.
    When does a video need voice acting?
    Why game conferences are needed, and also how to get the maximum benefit from participating in them. Ubisoft Montreal
    specialists talked about using the OpenStage toolto create cinematic scenes in Far Cry 4.
    12 tricks to help you sell ideas, a game, and yourself.
    The eight best systems to create a UI.
    A huge article was published on Polygon , which tells the story of the success and bankruptcy of THQ, which presented the world with games such as Supreme Commander, Metro 2033, Saints Row, STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, Red Faction, Company of Heroes.

    It is interesting

    Sergey Galenkin shared his opinion on the Playstation Experience exhibition .
    Video games are a source of amazing stories!
    In a recent interview, Blizzard discussed the idea of ​​including eSports in the Olympic Games program.
    Gennady Korol from Moon Studios spoke about the creation of Ori and the Blind Forest.
    The Art of Stories: Narrativistics in Games.
    A large model in the theory of role-playing games.
    The Temple Run VR game for the virtual reality helmet was recently released . Using this example, on the Gamasutra resource we briefly discussed some of the problems that are inevitable in this new field for the gaming industry.
    I want PR: what is needed for publication in the media?
    Independent developer Dmitry Lukash told the CPU about how to get the most beautiful graphics for your game on Unity, as well as about the features of the fifth version of the popular engine.
    Michia Rohrssen advises on how to promote the app in order to make it into the top App Store.
    Several interesting articles appeared on Geektimes that talk about the history of video games: “Retro Mortis: RTS, Part 1: It all started in the desert ...” and “Esports Industry, Part 2”.
    Seppo Helava, co-founder of Self Aware Games , explains why shareware games, as they currently exist, should be a thing of the past.
    Edition Kotaku has prepared a list of the biggest disappointments of 2014 in the gaming industry.
    At http://siliconrus.comexperts continue to share their opinions about the games of independent teams: Mail.Ru and Nika Entertainment experts gave some advice to the Sumoman project , Plarium experts to the Exowar indie project.
    American McGee created a slot game based on IP Akaneiro and shared in an interview his vision of the development of this genre.
    Fred Wilson, one of the most successful investors, shared his thoughts on the important events of 2014 on his blog .
    On December 6, at the age of 92, Ralph Baer , the creator of the first Odyssey television game console and author of the legendary Pong game , passed away . The editorial board of the Games Market section on recalled how Ralph Baer created his first video game,and how his invention led to the formation of an entire industry.
    Sergey Galenkin thought a little about games and women.
    10 people who changed the gaming industry in 2014.
    Ben Kuchera talked about what Gamer Gate is and how this movement changed the world in 2014.
    Polygon has published a list of 50 people who influenced the gaming industry in 2014.
    Emily Hera believes that the war against critics is as old as the world , and Gamergate is another example of this confrontation.
    An article about REACT: Sandbox Play project and the creation of a game for children that will make them spend less time at the monitors.
    If you are not tired of speculation around STALKER yet, read the informative article, which contains all the information about the latest unsuccessful attempts to create a clone or continue the game. Notch
    Mansion rebuilt in Minecraft.
    Michael McWevert analyzed the 2014 releases and explained why so many bad games came out.
    2014 was a good year for female characters.
    The Talos Principle developers punished the pirates by creating a bug that only appears in the pirated version of the game.
    The authors of the Polygon portal talked about the best costumes and characters in 2014.


    That Dragon, Cancer game about a child with a cancercollected the necessary amount on Kickstarter.


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