Jon von Techner's open letter

Original author: Jon von Tetzchner
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The head of Vivaldi Technologies, which released a new browser Vivaldi a few days ago , published an open letter on the network to users of its new software product. I suggest you translate this letter into Russian.

Dear friends!

Now I am sitting on the plane and flying home after a very busy week in Norway. A very productive week.

I am very proud of what our team has achieved. I am also very proud and grateful for the feedback that we received from you, our users.

There is no doubt that we are on the right track.

Functions Design. Details

But our work is not finished. From this moment it is just beginning. No more silence about what we do.

Now we have a large group of supporters who support us and demand a lot of things from us. And I like it!

From this moment we will begin to produce weekly builds.

The development process will be as transparent as possible so you can see what we have achieved for each week.

This is the browser for all of us.

I am sure that together we will create a really great product.



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