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The idea of ​​HTML6, despite the fact that the HTML5 specification was supposed to be fully implemented according to plan and to achieve maximum compatibility by 2014, now thoughts began to appear about what the next generation of this specification might look like -, as it is usually called in W3C Consortium.

New semantic elements

This element was proposed for integrating files from a ZIP archive (ZIP format as the main one, however others are also possible) directly into a web page. The advantages of this approach: browser access to files from ZIP, reduced bandwidth requirements (which is especially important for mobile platforms).

Usage example:

Деятельность нашего семейного воссоединения

Semantics for headings and authors

This is used to find out the name of books, blog entries, films, and so on, to related authors, even if the markup applies to only a few paragraphs. This semantics can be implemented in the form of pseudo-tags and determine the relationship between elements.

[title: Похвала тени id:praise by:junichiro]
— книга, написанная [author: Дзюнъитиро Танидзаки id:junichiro]
пояснение … и т.д.

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