Free Internet for a tablet from Beeline and MTS

    A couple of days ago, Beeline and MTS came up with tariffs in which a small amount of Internet traffic is available to the user for free and without a monthly fee.

    The Beeline Internet Forever tariff gives 200 megabytes every month throughout Russia for free and without a monthly fee.

    The MTS Tablet Mini option provides free and without a monthly fee 17 megabytes per day throughout Russia.

    Of course, there were some nuances.

    In Moscow, in Beeline stores, the Internet Forever tariff can only be purchased with the Highway 3 GB option enabled for 350 rubles or the Highway 7 GB option for 550 rubles, and this money will be written off immediately to pay for the option that can be turned off. In this case, in the first month there will be 3 GB or 7 GB of traffic, and then 200 MB for free every month.

    From partners (Euroset, M-Video, Re: Store, Samsung, Eldorado, Yulmart) you can buy a SIM card with the “Internet forever” tariff for 200 rubles without the connected options (200 rubles will simply be on your account), in addition, a SIM card with this tariff will be issued free with tablets.

    I note that I did not manage to buy a tariff this morning - neither in two Beeline stores, nor in the Euroset.

    There are no voice communications and MMS in the tariff, SMS costs 1.95 rubles. a piece. Transmitted / received data is rounded up to an accuracy of 1 Kb in intranet roaming, up to 20 Kb in international roaming.

    After using 200 Mb per month, access to the Internet will be blocked, and the subscriber will be automatically redirected to a page where he will be asked to buy one of the Highway options, use a one-time Internet package, or connect to the Internet for Everything service.

    Funny moment: try to find the tariff page on the Beeline website, the link to which I gave above. I could not.

    The option “MTS Tablet Mini” is connected for 30 rubles in the tariff “MTS Connect 4”. There are two ways

    to buy a SIM card with this option: 1. For 150 rubles you can buy a SIM card “MTS Connect 4” + “MTS Tablet Mini”. There will be 100 rubles in the account. They will give a second SIM card with the Super MTS tariff, which will cost 50 rubles as a gift. It can also be turned into the “MTS Tablet Mini”.
    2. For 100 rubles you can buy two SIM cards with the Super MTS tariff for 100 rubles (the second as a gift, each will have 50 rubles each), then change the tariff to MTS Connect 4, then disable the Internet for a day option and connect the “MTS Tablet Mini”. On the account of each of the sims will remain 20 rubles.

    There are no problems with buying these sims.

    Unlike Beeline, traffic is considered not for a month, but for a day and when it is exceeded, mini-packets are automatically connected and money is debited:

    From 0 Mb to 17 Mb for free
    From 17 Mb to 50 Mb 10 rubles.
    From 50 Mb to 100 Mb + 10 rubles.
    From 100 MB to 500 MB + 10 rubles.
    From 500 MB to 1 GB +20 rubles.
    From 1 GB to 5 GB +20 rubles.

    This means that if up to 17 MB is spent per day, everything will be free, if, for example, 30 MB, 10 rubles will be debited. If 600 MB, 10 + 10 + 10 = 30 rubles will be debited.

    Calls, SMS and MMS - according to the tariff of MTS Connect 4. Traffic rounding is also up to 1 Kb.

    At first glance, these tariffs are ideal for telematics (GPS trackers, GPRS alarms), however, for both operators, free tariffs will only work on tablets. In the conditions on the MTS website there is an item “The option is available for use only on tablets. If the “MTS Tablet Mini” is used in devices of a different type (smartphone, modem, router), the option may be disabled. ” The Beeline website does not say a word about restrictions, however, according to Beeline employees, to activate a SIM card, it is necessary to go through the initial registration on the tablet, while it will be forever tied to its IMEI. In any other device, the SIM will be able to work, but without a free package.

    Operators have introduced such amazing tariffs to force tablet owners to use the mobile Internet (according to statistics, 70% of SIM tablets do not use SIM cards) in the hope that subscribers will start using free internet, they will not have enough free packages and they will buy a paid one. But our people are cunning! 200 Mb per month and 17 Mb per day is more than enough to use instant messengers, as well as Yandex traffic jams (unless of course you download a map in advance).

    In any case, the appearance of tariffs with free Internet without a monthly fee is something new. Let's see how long such tariffs last.

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