Billion Data Center or Super Ring for Wild West

    With each new year, in the world, the need for new data centers is growing more and more and this is understandable. The widespread availability of broadband Internet, and the emergence of more recently the inconceivable technologies of wireless, high-speed data transmission, over the past five years have increased the volume of transported traffic at times. The result of such rampant growth was the situation when multibillion-dollar companies invest substantial funds in the creation of new infrastructure, thereby further increasing their capital. The huge volumes of traffic roaming along the IT highways, plus the generous funding that is invested in the development of this industry give rise to real leviathans - mega data centers. SWITCH,

    already familiar to us, has become yet another troublemaker., far-reaching plans of her leadership do not cease to excite the consciousness of the IT community now. The other day, the governor of the US state of Nevada - Brian Sandoval (Brian Sandoval), while in the city of Reno, announced plans to create there, the next data center company SWITCH. The declared cost of the project is one billion dollars. The town of Reno, which is located halfway between Las Vegas and San Francisco, will have to become the platform where the announced investments will be mastered and where the next mega-data center will certainly appear.

    According to the project, the area of ​​buildings of the complex under construction is at least 280 thousand square meters. For a better understanding of the scope of the company, we can only say that a similar footage corresponds to the average residential microdistrict with high-rise buildings. In total, under the IT complex being created, the project allocated an area of ​​400 Hectares, currently lifeless, desolate land, where in the very near future, without a doubt, a modern "IT garden" will be spread.

    In announcing such impressive plans, the state governor, Brian, said: “Our staff is betting on attracting investments in such projects. The decision made by the SWITCH management to develop its second, in our state, site in Reno - we warmly welcome, in fact, like similar projects actively developing in the city. ” Here, the head of state clearly hinted at a data center with an area of ​​75 thousand square meters, which is being intensively being built by Apple corporation, near Reno, which should start working at full capacity already in early 2016, thereby satisfying the ever-growing needs of customers.

    Such a situation for the city, in fact, is extremely extraordinary, because the choice of leaders in the IT industry fell on the location that would seem to be the least suitable for creating such a large IT site. The removal of excess heat from operating equipment is a scourge of modern data centers, at the same time in the summer months, the temperature in these places can reach +50 C in the shade. But the additional cost of cooling the premises is only half the trouble, the greatest problem of this area is geology. Rhino is located quite a bit on the fault of the tectonic plates, the North American and the Pacific Ocean absorbed by it. Such an unfavorable neighborhood led to the fact that not so long ago, in 2008, an unprecedented case of a series of earthquakes was recorded in the city, which lasted more than two months, every day, two to three times a day, with gradually increasing magnitude, the maximum value of which reached 5 points on the Richter scale. Here we can only add that, according to the terms of reference, the data center being built, like similar existing complexes, will have to comply with the highest level of security developed by the staff of the Uptime Institute, Tier IV Gold.

    But not everything is so simple with this project. At first glance, the not too deliberate decision to build a second super-data center, just 550 kilometers from the already existing giant, in a semi-desert state with a bunch of associated risks, turned out to be only part of the puzzle that the governor of Nevada presented.

    Super Ring SWITCH

    Despite the impressive scale and complexity, the SWITCH plan is much more comprehensive and is aimed both in the coming years and in the medium term, which explains why the company is taking on a seemingly not too smart adventure in Reno. According to the presented development plan of the company, the designed data center should become only a small part of the mega-cluster, which in the near future will combine four similar IT nodes, becoming a significant element in the global IT infrastructure.

    As mentioned earlier, in the state of Nevada, near Las Vegas, existing SWITCH data centers already exist. SUPERNAP IT Site in Las Vegasconsists of three phases, two of which SUPERNAP 7 and SUPERNAP 8 are fully operational, and the third - SUPERNAP 9 at the final stage of readiness. The total area of ​​production capacity of the entire complex will be about 135 thousand square meters.

    After the construction of the data center in Reno, these two giants will be connected by a dedicated fiber-optic line, which in turn will allow you to actually create a cluster based on two data centers. According to the calculations provided by the company, the length of the cable connecting the two platforms will be slightly less than 600 km, while the network delay between these two components of the cluster should not exceed 7 ms, and this is enough for the integrated structure to work effectively.

    “Already in the coming years, duplication of data and the ability to scale the allocated data center resources to peak loads in such large sizes will make our company unique not only in the hosting services market in the USA, but also throughout the world,” the presentation noted in Reno representative of the company SWITCH.

    As you can understand, company management thinks truly globally. Moreover, according to the general idea, two more nodes will have to enter the forming mega-cluster, commensurate in characteristics with the presented ones. Los Angeles and the West Coast IT capital of San Francisco will be the constituents that will form the SWITCH Super Ring. It is not difficult to guess that after the implementation of the planned competitors, the company in the region simply will not remain, and the region, this very tasty for hosting companies in itself, Silicon Valley - still remains a significant “player” in the global IT industry.

    The company's claims to global leadership are truly ambitious. It is even more interesting that they are quite reasonable and technically feasible. Currently, SWITCH provides hosting services to the largest representatives of the US IT market, including heavyweights such as eBay, Google, Cisco, VMware, Microsoft Xbox One. Moreover, on the basis of the company's facilities, there are about forty cloud services, which can be said about thousands of smaller customers who are actively using the services provided. According to preliminary information, the largest of the mentioned partners of SWITCH are already concluding pre-orders for planned capacities, thereby guaranteeing the profitability of this mega project at the project stage. Even now, in such a dynamic IT infrastructure market as in the USA, The commissioning of new capacities is still a tangible event for its participants. The implementation of such a scale of projects is a landmark event not only for the United States, but for the entire IT community. We will be looking forward to following the process of formation of the presented project, all the difficulties and victories that it will certainly encounter.

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