February 21, Open Data Day

    Open Data Day will be held around the world on February 21 - opendataday.org
    is a huge hackathon marathon and an event for everyone who works with open data or wants to learn more about them.

    We, Information Culture and OKF Russia, plan to hold an open data event in Moscow on this day.
    In the near future we will write about how and in what format we will conduct it.

    If you plan to conduct a hackathon on open data, then this day is very suitable for such an event.

    If in Moscow, even if you will conduct a hackathon yourself, write, we will help with lecturers and materials and data for the hackathon. If you want to join the general event - write to us or comments on this post. In the near future we will determine the site and partners and announce the program.

    And if you plan to hold a hackathon in your city - also write to us with the location, a brief description, links to the site (if any) and the contacts of the organizers and we will help to distribute on our sites and announce on the OKF blog.

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