I am proud of my profession. I am a computer programmer

Any person should be able to change diapers, plan invasions, slaughter pigs, construct buildings, control ships, write sonnets, keep accounts, build walls, straighten bones, facilitate death, execute orders, give orders, cooperate, act independently, solve equations, analyze new ones problems, fertilize, program computers, cook tasty, fight well, die worthy.
Specialization is the lot of insects.

Robert A. Heinlein

Writing about IT professions is quite difficult, because they are now in every field. In almost every profession, something is connected with IT.

The thing that a person decided to do in life should be meaningful and necessary for other people, bring real practical benefit. You can internally improve yourself as much as you like and claim that the most important thing is your rich inner world, but, in fact, everything that happens in a person’s mind has no meaning and significance if it does not produce real tangible practical fruits that affect life and the development of society as a whole. Objectively, a man is his work, this is the end result of the efforts made. Everything else - only the soil from which such a fruit - the result - can grow. People who failed to realize this in time, condemn themselves to being outsiders for a long time, if not forever, capable of whining, complaining and perplexing, why does society reject them ?!

Once a question arose in front of me: what to become?

I knew my strengths - mathematics, exact sciences, all kinds of calculations, natural sciences. But, at the same time, I am an activist, a public figure; from a very young age I perform on stage, sing, dance, draw, play sports. I have a fairly wide range of interests. In addition, I am an extrovert, I have never been tempted by the prospect of life and work without communication, in any kind of isolation.

I realized that it was necessary to look for such a variant of activity where all of my inner needs would come together and bear fruit.

When I meet people, they ask me: “Tanya, who do you study for? What do you want to become? ”, And then I think:“ I study to be a programmer, but what does it mean to become a programmer? I love what I study, ”then I understand that a programmer is not just a profession, it is a state of mind, it is in the blood. Like any profession. “Choose a job for your liking, and you will not have to work a single day in your life” Confucius.

But, like any business, programming has its pros and cons.

The most important minus is that you need to work at a computer for quite some time. It is clear that this may well negatively affect the state of health: hypodynamia develops, and vision deteriorates. On the other hand, I, as a modern teenager, already spent more than enough time at the computer, so why not direct all my knowledge, skills and abilities in the right direction, without harming myself? In addition, you just need to pay more attention to sports, try to lead a mobile lifestyle, and then everything will be perfectly balanced.

Secondly, it is necessary to become higher than gender stereotypes, which, unfortunately, some people suffer even in a modern society that claims to be civilized. Sometimes you have to deal with an inadequate attitude towards yourself - a girl-programmer - from the representatives of the opposite sex. And be aware that in the future, when the issue of employment arises, employers may come across who prefer a young programmer to you, regardless of professional skills and potential.

As for the pros.

The very first thing I would like to note is that the work is creative, and you can create anything that comes to your mind or the customer. At the same time, this is a work of exceptional social value. After all, few today imagine their life without a computer, I do not mean specifically a PC. Literally everything is computerized - from a microwave oven and other household appliances that any housewife uses, to a smartphone and a car. What car? A spaceship; and robotic surgeons helping doctors operate in the most difficult areas ?! And every year more and more such devices will appear, while primitive things will be a thing of the past.

So who is a programmer? This is a specialist whose task is to teach a computer the skills necessary for each. If we are going to teach someone (or something) something, we must speak the same language with our student, it doesn’t matter, animated or inanimate and be able to explain our task to him. Moreover, the programmer is also required to know the professions and areas of activity in which the computer is used! And to make sure that the machine and the specialist in a particular area can understand each other and “agree”. Interesting? And how! Here is the application for my extraversion, desire and ability to communicate not only with cars, but also with people. And most of all I want to communicate with customers myself, and not entrust it to "business informatics."

Indeed, many of my colleagues are madly annoyed by the attitude towards us, IT specialists, as some kind of magicians, when as a result of solving an elementary, from our point of view, task, they look at us with round eyes, in which it reads: “Oh, white man, you brought us fire! ”- and you, in fact, just struck a lighter.

Recently I was asked to write a program for one printing house - a calculator. I worked for a month as an assistant in the printing house. Spent a lot of time talking with employees. I began to write a program, but I realized that I did not know the tool well enough, so far, I am gaining experience and also knowledge in the field of printing. This is for you as an example of what you need to know and the scope of the program, at least superficially.

The second plus.

Continuous self-improvement, continuous forward movement. This science does not stand still, it is constantly evolving and transforming, more and more new information is appearing, so you need to keep your finger on the pulse of the times every day, not to lag behind. But at the same time, it’s not enough just to stay afloat, you also need to change something, supplement, search and find unexpected moves and solutions, come up with what your colleagues will study in the future.

The third plus of the profession. The profession is relevant and highly paid. If you go to all kinds of job search sites, you can see that in the field of programming there are a lot of vacancies. The main ones are specialists in 1C accounting, website development, C programming (C Sharp most often), as well as Java. Moreover, the average payment for a project that can be completed in a short time is 50,000 rubles. It all depends on the responsibility and ability of the employee. Abroad, the activities of such specialists are even more expensive, and the language is the same.

The next plus.

There is every chance of becoming an indie developer. That is, to fully work for yourself, without the need to depend on anyone and put up exclusively your projects. The motto of indie programmers is "Do It Yourself" - do it yourself.
Fifth advantage: the opportunity for professional growth. There is no certain level I can reach any level, here everything depends only on me, on how curious and hardworking I will be. Let many say: “If you have devoted your life to programming, then you will not be someone higher than a programmer!”, I want to argue: a person can become anyone, many professionals and famous personalities revealed themselves at a fairly adult age. What about a programmer? He has an exceptional opportunity: after all, when creating programs in different areas, we begin to understand these areas, which gives us a chance to understand what we want and if we want something else?

I recently read one post about inequality: “A nuclear physicist can always become a painter, and a painter can never become a nuclear physicist.” I believe that a programmer is a cook, a painter, a nuclear physicist, a dancer, and a videographer. After all, how many sites have been created, do you really think that they were written simply by programmers? A soul is invested in each, it’s very difficult to write a website “Cakes with your own hands”, never having made a cake with your own hands or at least a little without understanding what it is about. When you write a program, a website, if you want to, you don’t want to, but you will understand the “cakes”. And this is not only my opinion:
“Yes, a programmer does not have to know everything. To write a translation program, you do not need to know all the words in the German language in order to read their translations from the database. But you have to learn the basics of grammar. The programmer must adapt to the projects surrounding him, continuously gaining new knowledge and teaching this a stupid computer ”from“ Habrahabr ”.

Sixth plus profession. The specialist in the field of applied IT-technologies is clearly not threatened by unemployment, since in the near future programming will be in increasing demand. I was simply shocked to find out what dizzying prospects this profession has! These are new solutions in the field of processing an enormous amount of data, and the design of interfaces of all kinds of equipment, and the development of virtual worlds, and digital linguistics (here, by the way, is a great opportunity to combine a common, including humanitarian deep education, a sense of language, with, it seemed it’s purely “technical” skills), and what today is called the architecture of virtuality - for in the foreseeable future, even school education will be based solely on working with computers. And the design of neural interfaces, which will allow you to "tune" digital technology to the individual neurophysiological and psychological characteristics of each user! I'm not talking about the fact that almost any mass production will become fully automated, and household robotics will enter every home. And what about medicine, specifically, surgery and the creation of cyber bioprostheses that will allow one to incomparably improve the quality of life of people who have lost their health for one reason or another? It is clear that it is impossible to do without programmers here ... which will allow incomparably improve the quality of life of people who for one reason or another have lost their health? It is clear that it is impossible to do without programmers here ... which will allow incomparably improve the quality of life of people who for one reason or another have lost their health? It is clear that it is impossible to do without programmers here ...

During my training, I met a lot of programmers on the network who described in detail why it is hard to be a programmer. Much comes down to the only drawback that I found, but it turns out there is one more thing: the head works all the time, there is little time for the family, you live in the world of your profession all the time ... On the other hand, this is the path of any professional for whom it’s - primarily. As Margaret Thatcher said, “Home is just the place to come when you have no more interesting activities.”

Every day I take new steps towards my goal of what I want to do, what I plan to devote my life to, and I believe that I have made the right choice. I want to achieve a lot - now is the time to achieve.

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