Again books at a free price on

    In late December, conducted the sale of books in electronic format at a free price (from 1 ruble). A large number of publications useful for IT specialists were put up for sale, from Algorithmic Tricks for Programmers to Waterproofing Structures, Buildings and Structures.

    Unfortunately, this event was organized not very successfully and, as I understand it, many were unable to pay for the selected purchases. I couldn’t either. Well, not really that grief, but a little disappointing, I really picked up a lot of interesting things there.

    And then suddenly a letter comes to me:

    Hello, Anatoly!

    At the end of last year, we held a campaign "E-books at a free price."
    We received many letters of thanks and with a request to repeat the action, since not everyone managed to buy the necessary books.

    OK. It must be so. On January 23-24, we will repeat this action.

    Please note that some of the books will be presented for the last time, as we are ending the rights to sell them.

    Also, please do not rush to download books. They will not go anywhere, and the load these days may be too large and because of this there will be delays in processing orders and downloading.


    Link is again available, who could not or did not have time - you can try again.

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