HR lab - assessment of the qualifications of specialists in the field of information security

    Assessment of the qualifications of specialists in the field of information security

    When hiring technical specialists, one of the main stages is to determine the real level of their knowledge. As a rule, recruiters are guided by the certificates and skills specified in the resume, not being able to accurately determine the qualifications of the applicant. The most suitable (in their opinion) candidates are immediately sent for an interview directly to the company that opened the vacancy. With this approach, the process of selecting qualified personnel can be very lengthy and take up to six months, while the bulk of the candidates are screened out already within the company, during an interview with technical specialists, distracting employees from work and causing them to be dissatisfied with the large then low-skilled candidates.

    A lengthy search for candidates does not suit either recruitment agencies, or employers, or the candidates themselves. For effective recruitment, we launched a new HR lab service for assessing the qualifications of specialists in the field of information security , which allows you to quickly and accurately determine the level of qualifications of specialists. The service is equally good both for recruitment agencies and for HR department employees.

    One of the strengths of our company is meeting customer expectations. At HR lab, we continue this tradition with special testing techniques. Their essence is extremely simple and logical: together with the customer, a block of practical tasks for candidates is created, including tasks on the security of web applications, cryptography, network security, etc. Agreed tasks are implemented in a specialized laboratory that simulates a corporate network with embedded vulnerabilities. Based on the results of passing the laboratory, our experts conduct an interview with a candidate, at which additional questions are asked to more accurately determine the level of knowledge. Upon completion of testing, the customer receives a report including the test results and prof. orientation of the applicant, as well as our recommendations.

    Test Areas
    • Russian legislation: FZ-152, 382-P, 161 FZ (STO BR IBBS, PCI-DSS);
    • requirements of regulatory and supervisory bodies to ensure IS; requirements of international standards and best practices for ensuring information security (ISO 27001, ISO 22301, CobiT);
    • modern threats and vulnerabilities: technologies, methods and tools of ZI (including at various levels of the ISO / OSI model);
    • risk assessment of IS breach; Skills in conducting internal testing of the company’s infrastructure and compiling reports indicating the degree of risk;
    • developing effective security policies;
    • IP protection methods and methods (including the following technologies: protection against malicious code, DLP, SZI against unauthorized access, security analysis scanners, IDS / IPS, firewall tools;
    • monitoring information security events (DLP, SIEM, AntiFraud, etc.);
    • database protection technologies and DBMS;
    • Administration of popular operating systems and services.

    Such an approach enables the applicant to demonstrate in practice the professional qualities required by a potential employer. In addition, the customer receives full information about the level of training of the applicant in areas important to the customer, saving time (on average, it takes less than ten hours to complete the HR lab, with the possibility of a break at any time). The final interview with our specialist will not allow the candidate to resort to outside assistance while working in the laboratory. Our expert, having a detailed report on the work, will additionally perform oral testing on all tasks, focusing on those that took the candidate the most time. Job seekers who fail to complete assignments will at least be aware of knowledge gaps and, subsequently, will always be able to improve their skills in the required field. Thus, the HR lab service will allow you to quickly close a vacancy with a qualified specialist, saving time and money of the customer. The average cost of testing specialists to close one vacancy is 25,000 rubles and depends on the requirements for candidates. Learn more about the service atsite .

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