The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 86 developer (on January 12-18)

    This year’s first digest immediately with a lot of interesting materials. “Exchange rates” and the Monument Valley, Swift record and the first smartphone on Tizen, Crossy Road and the new App Annie analytics - all this and much more in a weekly selection.

    Apple has blocked the accounts of developers in the Crimea

    In connection with the sanctions directed by the USA against residents of the Crimea, all foreign companies should cease their activities on the peninsula. Just yesterday, Steam stopped selling games to residents of the Republic, and today all Crimean developers who used are blocked on this site.

    How I got to the Top AppStore with a simple currency rate app

    I want to talk about how I created a completely ordinary and not at all innovative application that objectively became the best of its kind and even stayed at the very top of the top for some time. This is not a success story or a guide to action. I just want to tell you how I managed to make the most popular application in my segment.

    Monument Valley: Cost and Income

    The creators of Monument Valley, one of the best games of 2014, shared on the blog information about the development costs and income of the game.





    Marketing and monetization


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