Status + new hellish trolling on the Internet

    In this “news release” for readers and students of the Stratoplan School of Management:
    1. Stages of construction: what we are doing now under the Program, numbers, when there will be Skype chats and a forum for students
    2. During the holidays, we came across a new kind of trolling on the Internet and this is something completely beyond the bounds ...

    Stratoplan School of Management Annual Program:

    1. We continue to take test results and essays from our students. Today we have answered all requests from students until January 15th inclusive. Today we work with those who sent their results and essays today, January 16th. So, if you did not receive a response, but sent your data yesterday or earlier, do not hesitate to remind yourself.
    2. We decided that in this set we will connect our students to working Skype chats after the program is launched and the first substantive, rather than organizational, questions go. We will not create unnecessary hype for each other in the information space, especially since there are a record number of students in this program and we will create new sources of communication between you more accurately.
    3. The forum, quite possibly, will be replaced by a closed group on Facebook. The FB now made quite convenient means for answering and discussing, moreover, almost every smartphone has a client for the FB, which will make it easier for many students to participate in discussing issues. We will also launch this thing a little later.

    If our curators have not yet authorized you on Skype or you have not been added to the forum, don’t worry, no one has left our tenacious hands: after 5 years of work, we have not lost or forgotten a single student :)

    ..................... .......

    New in the world of entertainment on the nerves of others

    Trolling and entertainment on the network are becoming more perverted. And it's not about jokes or stolen celebrity pics. More and more serious. Several people have honestly said that they even drank medicine. Because the nerves are not iron.

    Let's go in order.

    My friends knocked on me, who plan to slowly move to live and work in Kiev. Acc. issue with housing. We decided to sell our housing while living in a rented house and buy an apartment with a slightly larger area in the house under construction, taking into account the planned expansion of the family. The question was that, as a person living in Kiev, I would suggest something about transport interchanges, better neighborhoods for life, and generally say that I think about such a way of buying a home.

    To say at least something substantive, I rummaged a bit in the construction market, looked at the houses under construction in the metro reach area, and I ended up at a good, very systemic forum where developers are discussing, construction sites, future neighbors get to know each other, in short - what I needed to understand how the construction of several houses that my friends were aiming at is going on.

    The construction of real estate, and even more so the construction in the capital of the state, which is now embroiled in serious political and economic battles, is a very, very difficult thing. Ratings of developers, recommendations of “experts”, risk factors. In general, the whole day of the winter holidays, I spent in the expanding horizons of the world of investing in apartments under construction. Even dragged on.

    The thing that I would like to share, and which I can not name except “infernal trolling,” was found by me almost immediately.

    Entering a new forum or community, I first look at the most frequently asked questions, then look at the list of the most active users, I understand who has been here for a long time and who writes messages on behalf of the administration. I was attracted to the “hot topics” and the scandals raging there.

    In several hot topics, simultaneously on different construction sites, from the newly created accounts, two types of messages were thrown:

    1. Director of the developer / Owner of the construction holding full name (followed by full name, middle name, year of birth, in some places more detailed data slipped) fled abroad or taken into custody. Company property seized. The construction is frozen.
    2. The construction commission revoked the building permit. Scans of some title documents on which it is noted that some figures in the “decoding” do not mean a building permit at all, but only a temporary use of the land, which supposedly means that the construction company does not plan to finish the construction and therefore does not bought land from the city, etc.

    Next are either a long string of photos / scans of some documents, on which - note! - the correct addresses and surnames related to a particular building or house flash, and then calls urgently to go to the site and almost “storm” the sales department or go to the bank and demand to terminate the investment, loan or something else.

    After the throw-in, there is often an instant wave of screams from frightened investors: requests to those “who live there better”, drop by a construction site, and see how things are going. Someone breaks away from work, one person wrote that when leaving on the nerves from the parking lot he hit the car hard. In the comments they wrote that people really broke down and went to another district of the city, where they met the same people raised by the alarm on the alarm, who were frightened by the girls from the normally working sales department.

    Also in the comments, it was noted that after the first wave of screams, photos from closed accounts of sales and empty construction sites appear from other accounts, which later, as it turns out, refer either to weekends or to the previous stage of construction in general. Some of these photos have today's dates (!). That is, trolls work either together or it is one troll with several accounts, it’s not too lazy to spend time on basic actions with Photoshop to finish drawing dates on a photo (remember, how did cameras put such a mark on a photo before? Now digital cameras don’t do this, but in a fever , who remembers this?)

    What does a troll or a team of trolls do?

    Chooses a developer. He chooses the construction of a new / young builder or a forum in which there are some criticisms during the construction, that is, where the emotional background of the participants is somehow warmed up. Often, by the way, these are quite low-cost construction projects and houses of an “economy” class, because in forums of more expensive real estate there is practically no such discussion: the developer goes according to plan, the sales department responds promptly to questions from investors and no one has the desire to discuss public some problematic issues. Next, the troll or team, examines the information from the site of the developer. Collects information that will make it “stuffing” more believable. Sometimes, if I understand correctly, it even picks up old photographs from web archives (way back maschine?) Of scanned websites of state registers or construction sites that contain outdated information,

    Then there is a stuffing and instantly a lot of nerves are burned by tens and hundreds of investors who are subscribed to this forum (and in some forums 300-400 people are signed up). By evening, denials begin either from the developer or from the administration of the forum, with which the developers themselves contact to reassure people. Sometimes the accounts from which the stuffing took place are erased along with the stuffing itself. Sometimes they are later cleaned by administrators. But just try to imagine for a moment kilograms of adrenaline and a few kilometers of nerves that are burned at the moment when people who invested in the construction site see such stuffing and for a split second believe that their money just burned out.

    And let them invest in normal!

    Yes, some investment / deposit guarantee funds exist and work. But they are cooperating with, as I was able to understand from a superficial study of the issue (so I can be very mistaken here), not every developer. In addition, in countries where the currency depreciates 1.5-2 times in a few months, getting the amount invested a year ago in rubles or hryvnias is also not a lot of joy, agree.

    Yes, you need to choose wisely how and where to invest and read-check-consult. Nobody argues with this. I repeated this all three times to my friends, on whose issue I climbed into this wonderful world of wonderful and terrible entertainment on the nerves of others. My friends, by the way, decided to take an apartment in a completed house, pushing some other plans.

    But how come up and worked, you tell me ?! With the preparation of “facts”, with the Photoshop of “documents”, with the collection of real names and surnames so that investors “recognize” the names they know. With the arrangement of time and heating from multiple accounts. The whole operation is obtained.

    Yes, it’s quite possible, these are “competitor wars”. Or just some representative office plankton with a computer and the Internet has a lot of time. Or zavit to those who are trying to solve the difficult issue of housing. But all this, one way or another, relates to information wars and information impact, about which we wrote a lot before the new year.

    Let us repeat ourselves.

    Information warfare methods work.And the more unstable your model of the world is now, the more we let in the brain of unverified, and often frankly false information, the more nerves we spend on what is out of our control (exchange rates, world crises, jumping indices, politics) - the more it’s easier to catch us in such traps. The more time our brain spends on something useful for you and the more the brain is loaded with “the right raw materials for processing” - that is, the information that makes you smarter and more functional - the more likely you will pass the time of change and information warfare without loss of nerves, money and time.

    We set ourselves goals. And we give these goals to pull ourselves up in order to be in a calm state, above the situation and always, at any moment of time, know that you are doing right now that no one will take away from you tomorrow: invest in yourself, in your head, in your skills to live and work better.

    OK google: what to do? :)

    Until the new year, we managed to pull 450 people into the zone of information stability and connect 450 people to a long-term training program. This year, we will continue to launch both intensive monthly training programs and additionally recruit students for the long-term training program of the Stratoplan School of Managers.

    In the next issue of the “information leaflet”, we will tell you about the upcoming event that we are preparing next week: we want to charge each other for a whole business season before the summer, and we seem to have figured out how to do this both interestingly and with benefit.

    Do not switch. Before communication.
    Good luck to all of us.

    Slava Pankratov
    Managing Partner, School of Managers Stratoplan
    Trolling Analyst :)

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