How to promote your business in 2015 with maximum efficiency? 10 marketing predictions worth knowing

Original author: NEIL PATEL
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2015 promises to be interesting for entrepreneurs. Based on many years of experience and all the changes that have been observed in recent years, we can confidently say one thing - in the new year we are waiting for big changes.
Those who are thinking about a strategy for effectively promoting their business in the market should read the article before making plans. As you know, information is the main weapon, including in the marketing struggle for a place in the sun. For you - a few secrets regarding how things will be in this area in the new year. And also - a few tips, following which you will get a chance to beat competitors. So, 10 marketing predictions for 2015 from Neil Patel .

Prediction number 1. Links in guest posts will lose effectiveness

If you are developing a business in the field of SEO, you are likely to regularly post guest posts to increase the volume of external links. Why? Because it is the most effective promotion method.

And, despite the warnings from search engines, you continue to engage in guest posting, inspired by results that prove that this tactic works. However, it should be remembered that large companies, such as Google, take time to analyze and improve the search algorithm. That is, sooner or later, search engines will figure out your trick.

Over the next 12 months, Google will update the algorithms, as a result of which most of the links posted in guest posts will depreciate. This does not mean that your site will be completely excluded from search engines (subject to the reasonable use of anchor links), but these links will no longer help you to increase the ranking and promote your resource.

Prediction number 2. Website optimization will become even more difficult task.

Everyone remembers how much noise in the SEO sphere made Google algorithms (Panda and Penguin) a few years ago. However, Google did not stop there, updates to the algorithms continue, the only question is what will be called the new brainchild, which will further tighten the principles of ranking sites.

Do not rush to panic. While Google is working on updating the algorithms, start working on the quality of the content - improve your site, focus on creating a better product, think like a marketer, not an SEO optimizer.

Does this mean that optimization can be completely abandoned? Definitely not. Quite the opposite: it's time to pay special attention to website optimization now that most competitors will start investing in contextual advertising, instead of bringing SEO to mind.

Prediction number 3. Link building: old school at the peak of popularity

Manual link building while working with thousands of sites is not the latest methods. Such link building is a good old school, effective, like many years ago, again at the peak of popularity. Why? Because these links need to be earned and difficult to manipulate.

In 2014, it was possible to observe several companies that created special teams specializing specifically in link building according to the old school methods. In 2015, even more firms will pick up the trend.

Prediction number 4. Promotion in social networks will be the main method of promoting blogs.

Have you ever wondered why some blogs are more popular than others? Of course, to some extent this is influenced by the direct content - the subject matter, the content, however, in the end, the popularity of a blog comes down to its promotion on social networks.

For example, the number of visitors to a personal blog maintained by NEIL PATEL is already reaching 25,000 people per month. And it’s not at all because the material posted on this blog is better than similar resources, it is only about active followers - readers share my articles on personal pages in social networks, and then comments, likes and reposts do their job. By the same principle, you can promote almost any recently created blog on a similar topic.

Very soon, large companies will appreciate this trend and begin to invest huge amounts of money monthly in creating and promoting accounts on social networks.

Prediction number 5. A creative approach will become the basis of marketing.

As traditional promotion channels, such as SEO optimization, contextual advertising and promotion in social networks, will gain momentum, companies will seek an original approach to the presentation of the material.
So, for example, a successful entrepreneur and marketing guru, Gary Vaynerchuk, put up an advertisement for his new book all over New York, indicating the actual phone number on the posters.


The action was so successful that Gary’s phone was torn from calls, and sales increased several times.

Creative marketing does not always guarantee maximum profit and sales take off. But as they say, you won’t try - you won’t know, and in 2015 more and more companies will take such a risk, attracting potential customers with the help of original advertising campaigns.

To be continued .

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