Mobile traffic is stolen from Adwords (redirect to a certain recseek)

    Recently, the webmaster community discovered a problem on their sites related to a redirect to a certain site “recseek .com” among users of mobile devices with the Android operating system. At the moment, there is very little mention of this, but the problem is very serious (it can affect search results) and it is associated with the monetization of the site through Google AdSense. So far, Google experts have not given us comforting answers. A Google spokeswoman says the deal may be in the Malicious AdSense (Google Groups) ad unit router .

    Personally, when I first discovered a redirect, I decided that there was a malfunction in my device and completely reset it to the factory settings, but like most users, this did not help me. I found the source of troubles on my site, these were AdSense ad units (I tested this ailment, removed other ads from the site’s pages).

    Technically, there is no hacking, it is believed that among the connected ad networks to Adwords it is allowed to use JavaScript code of the form:

    The proposed workaround is to translate your AdSense ad units into text mode so as not to allow javascript to run.

    PS Such a topic has already been raised on the forum and one of the users of this forum asks to bring this information to the public through the Habr Adwords hacked. Your mobile traffic is being stolen right now .

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Are you experiencing AdSense ad unit issues?

    • 25.3% Yes. There is a problem. 33
    • 64.6% None. I did not notice this on my sites. 84
    • 7.6% Already solved the problem by disabling image ads 10
    • 2.3% Found another way to solve the problem. 3

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