Ethical hacking and penetration testing courses. New set

    Ethical hacking and penetration testing courses. Practical training.

    Congratulations to all readers of the PENTESTIT blog on the new, 2015th year, which is likely to be difficult, but interesting and will put a lot of things in their place. Crisis is not an easy time, but what, if not a crisis, provokes companies to massively optimize costs and improve the quality of services, but stimulates employees to maintain, increase the level of professional training? Crisis is a time of opportunity. Both for self-improvement and for the development of a new business.

    In previous articles, we summed up our work in 2014. For us, this year has been very positive. Having done a great amount of work, keeping the quality of services at a high level, we were able to take a big step forward, expanding the market not only in Russia, but also in the countries of Eastern and Western Europe, North America, Asia and, of course, the CIS. Thanks to all those who appreciated our work and professionalism.

    Updated program, including the most relevant material.
    At the end of last year, we talked about the changes that will affect the training programs Zero Securty: A and Corporate Laboratories. We supplemented them with new ways to detect and exploit vulnerabilities. A distinctive feature of the Corporate Labs program is that in addition to hardcore practical training, students get the opportunity to listen to reports that can only be heard at professional technical forums - this is one of the distinguishing features of our courses.

    Examples of vulnerability exploitation tasks.

    Updated “My Account” - convenience and comfort in training.
    In addition to the improved program, we also updated the “My Account” - a specialized platform for interaction with the curator.
    In the “My Account”, trained specialists get acquainted with the schedule and instructors, receive “homework”, interact with the curator, and also receive practical training in a unique specialized laboratory, which, by its structure, is as close as possible to the corporate network of a real company.

    Own webinar venue - something that was so lacking.
    In addition to the updated program and the new, convenient “Personal Account”, we launched our own webinar platform, which allows broadcasting webinars in a high-quality and stable manner, with a simple and convenient interface to use.

    More information can be found on our website: . In a difficult economic period for a country, maintaining high qualifications allows you to remain calm for your future. See you soon!

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