IT Trends in Corporations in 2015

    Today we’ll talk about Google Glass for doctors, Bitcoins, cloud-based business solutions, mobile apps for corporations and other trends that are expected in 2015.

    Material was prepared by Alison Wagonfeld, a current partner of Emergence Capital .

    Emergence Capital, which has the opportunity to invest in visionaries such as Marc Benioff, Aaron Levie and David Sacks, who built large cloud-based corporate solutions that laid the foundation for the development of the next generation of software for corporations.

    We spent a lot of time talking about the future, and thought that it would be great to try to predict the trends of 2015 from five partners of our foundation - Gordon Ritter ,Jason Green , Brian Jacobs , Kevin Spain , and Santi Subotovsky on Emerging Corporate Technology Topics

    1. The industry focuses on vertical cloud solutions (“Industrial Cloud”), which will create even more opportunities than horizontal solutions offer.
    Gordon Ritter Foundation Partner was at the centerpiece of this shift in the industrial cloud . He noted that “The successful breakthrough of companies such as Veeva Systems, Guidewire, and Opower is indicative of impending trends that could change the current paradigm in the coming years."

    2. Companies will start paying for corporate mobile apps
    The prospect of mobile computing has skyrocketed when Apple has expanded smartphones. There are still enough niches where you can create enterprise applications. This practically works for 80% of the corporate market, which is still not included in the corporate IT system.

    General partner Kevin Spain said at the last “ corporate mobile forum ”: “There is a huge opportunity to be of service to 2.5 billion non-working employees. If you take a payment of $ 40 per year from an employee, we will be able to earn an additional $ 100 billion on "enterprise technology. I predict that we will see more corporate mobile examples in 2015 that will make a real profit."

    3. Consumer trends will move beyond the corporation.
    We love helping to mutate large user solutions into corporate ones (Facebook -> Yammer). General partner Jason Green believes that such things will pick up speed in 2015: “Corporate technology needs continuous improvement - we expect to see successful game mechanic experiments in corporations, such as Facebook recently announced . I think this will also work for portable devices. I predict that the Apple Watch will do the same for wearable devices as the iPad did for tablets. "

    4. The Internet of Things market will begin to evolve, creating the foundation for consumers and enterprise segments
    IoT has tremendous potential for enterprise users, and general partner Brian Jacobs thinks corporate examples will come about in 2015. “I expect that next year we will see exciting examples, especially when we realize how significant these things will be.” We are optimistic about drones or unmanned vehicles that will become very valuable to corporations. Kevin Spain Partner: “I expect to see new devices and drones revolutionize industries such as agriculture and agriculture, where replacing traditional approaches is very expensive and difficult.”

    5. Google glasses will start working in healthcare
    Although Google Glass is intended for consumers, we will see exciting applications in other areas in 2015, especially in healthcare, where doctors often have both hands occupied, which can really help them in their work. Kevin Spain Partner: “Doctors using Augmedix Google Glass solutions tell us that they would never give up. They receive an additional two hours a day, which they can devote to their patients, in return for filling out special forms.

    6. Bitcoins will set serious precedents, spreading outside the US
    Partner Santi Subotovsky believes that changes will occur in 2015, all the prerequisites for which have already been created, but this will not happen in the US: “Now the basic infrastructure for bitcoins has already been created, in 2015 we will see many applications on this platform. There are hundreds of international founders creating applications related to bitcoins and at least one will become big in 2015.

    7. We begin to see glimpses of productive technologies in the UI-less world.
    Gordon Ritter’s general partner is thinking of a future where user interfaces are gradually fading into the background. He says, “All the time we are“ tapping ”and typing in our phones and computers are useless - to increase productivity, we need new ways to get the most out of the minimum time. In 2015 we will see innovations that will become the basis of UI-less of the future."

    8. 2015 will be the year of return on venture capital investment
    There is debate over whether we are now in the bucket, and 2015 will be a great year for the return of venture capital investments. General partner Jason Green says: “The markets are very sensitive right now because there has been a lot of growth in the tech industry and we now see big risks associated with stabilization that will force many to leave. All these factors will form the basis of return on investment in 2015. "

    General partner of Brian Jacobs:" Right now we have a healthy IPO market and I foresee a lot of mergers and acquisitions of large software companies, which will lead to industry consolidation over the course of this year. ”

    9 . $ 10 billion - a new $ 1 billion.
    Either you agree or disagree with the assessment of startups received today, but there is no longer any dispute that the estimate is $ 1 billion. no longer cool. General partner Jason Green: “It looks weird, but I think $ 10 billion is the new $ 1 billion. Current standards require several billion, not just one. ”

    10. Visual Urls (.photography, .florist, .wine, etc.) will become popular.
    2015 will be a significant year when Internet protocol names move beyond .com,. net .org. Hundreds of illustrative domain names were published in 2014, and in 2015 we will see widespread use by companies such as Google, Donuts and others around the world.

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