The cut for the most dynamically growing agencies / studios

    Hello, Habr! Yesterday, we published a lot of material about the preparation of the CP for the creation of a site using a combat example, which everyone seemed to take well (even entered the best of the day, thank you). And today we return to our main topic about researching the market of web development and other digital services, such a profile of activity.

    As you may know, on the Ruward project we aggregated a huge amount of data, different ratings for all segments of the agent market, published throughout the history of the industry (we now have 55 different ratings, not counting their annual versions and more than 1,700 companies in the database ) We use this information to form various summary charts, and other analytics.

    At some point, they realized that we have a lot of information, and we do not take into account one of the indicators when calculating methods and formulas - the dynamics of company growth in various charts from year to year. Thus, the idea came up to make a cut, which will include not standard leaders, who, frankly, have already become boring to many - and often flash everywhere - but studios / agencies that show the highest growth dynamics.

    We conjured for a long time over the technique , it turned out to be rather loaded, but quite transparent (anyone can check the correctness of the calculation of places by cut). We took all the ratings issued during 2013 - and compared the dynamics with 2012 (where there were analogues). A number of correction factors were added to make the slice relevant.

    As a result, we got a list of agent market companies that grew most rapidly on all local charts in the period 2012-2013 (they have not yet taken 2014, since not all have published their tops yet):

    Here is the final cut for 100 companies , which we, as marketers, called with a slight touch of pathos "Digital-Breakthrough."

    The advantage, for obvious reasons, was gained not by traditional market leaders (they are already so high, it is difficult for them to grow by many positions), but by companies that dramatically “took off” in a large number of local tops for the reporting period. The top ten of this distribution included:

    1. One touch
    2. Media stars
    3. R52
    4. Artox media
    5. ARTW
    6. Social networks
    7. Trilan
    8. Hungry boys
    9. Dalee
    10. Adventum

    I am glad that in the general list there were many new studios and agencies (however, quite a few well-known players) that do not shine so often - this was the purpose of compiling this section. The experiment, in my opinion, turned out to be quite interesting. Be sure to repeat it in 2015 (for the period 2014-2013).

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