Massage and IT

    Every week we hold in our office lectures on work topics. We invite an interesting person to meet us who can tell us something and drink tea with him, we’re talking. The first meeting was dedicated to the harm from the office lifestyle.

    Our guest was visited by a very interesting character - freelancer Eugene. An IT specialist whose hobby is massage.

    Eugene all his adult life was fond of physiology, anatomy and other similar disciplines. We did not specify all the details from him, because the purpose of our meeting was to find out from him about massage and understand why a person with a technical mentality suddenly finished a massage course in Thailand, and now this is his second income in his MG salon .

    Eugene began his conversation with the fact that as a teenager he was fond of sports and programming. And if the first hobby was regarded by him as standard for young men, the second subsequently became for him a source of income and professional activity. Over time, Eugene noticed that a sedentary lifestyle brings its own adjustments to the feeling of being yourself - when you are sitting at a computer in an office (or at home) without any problems, the body begins to experience inconvenience. Permanent fatigue, back cramps, constant tension and swelling of the neck.

    Digging deeper into this topic, it became clear that this is a simple anatomy. The back muscles, as it turned out, bear the main load on the whole body - they can work even when a person is sleeping (if you take the wrong position)! As a result of frantic loads (without changing activities), a person develops osteochandrosis - in other words, a hernia between the vertebrae and nerves. After these conclusions, Eugene stopped believing in this matter to doctors who spoke about the consequences of stress, depression, poor ecology, malnutrition and the like.

    Around this time, he became interested in massage, and now helps people prevent spinal diseases.

    Key points from our meeting:

    • With a sedentary lifestyle, you can cripple yourself even at age 25.
    • Osteochondrosis can cause brain hemorrhage.
    • Massage of the back relaxes the muscles, and as a result, eliminates the prerequisites for osteochondrosis.
    • It is advisable to sleep not on the feather bed, but on a harder surface so that the muscles rest. On soft surfaces, they do not feel support and remain tense.
    • It is difficult to choose a massage therapist - there are many on the market who impersonate masters. The only way to check is to resemble courses, and if the result is after several sessions, you come across a good masseur.

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