AWS and edX offer $ 1,000 for online courses

    AWS and edX offer $ 1,000 to anyone who has completed one of the 15.390.1x Entrepreneurship 101 courses : Who is your customer? or 15.390.2x Entrepreneurship 102: What can you do for your customers? . True, not in cash (by check, gift card, etc.), but by Amazon Web Services for this amount.

    Partnership page with course entry information and links:

    What you will receive
    • $ 1000 AWS loan, valid for 2 years
    • Free access to AWS Essentials: one-day web-based training with an instructor (usually the price of the course ~ $ 600), and 8 tokens for labs (regular price ~ $ 30 per lab)
    • Mesya Premium Support
    • Free access to individual consultations with solution architects
    • Special offers from other companies

    Subjects offers What are the conditions?
    • You must enroll in an Entrepreneurship 101 or Entrepreneurship 102 course (it’s probably best to do this on the page linked above). To receive the award, you must receive a paid certificate of completion. The minimum payment is $ 50, but you can pay more - the money goes to the development of the course and platform.
    • Improve your passing grade
    • You can only get one reward per person.
    • The award is not transferred, i.e. she is attached to a specific person

    How to get a reward?
    • When you complete the course, you will receive an email with the AWS code (you must have Verified Student status )
    • Step 1: Create an AWS Account Using the Code
    • Step 2: Fill out the form that edX will send you using your email address (which is registered with edX), your AWS account name and code. After about 3 weeks, AWS will confirm your participation and provide access to services and credit.

    Good luck

    Update: added information that the courses are paid (at least $ 50)
    Update 2: from heathen : If anything, the courses are not paid. This is in order to get $ 1000 on AWS, you need to take a course with verified tracking, but this is already - paid.
    Update 3: from belunix, creating a new account is optional. Having received the code after successfully completing the course, you can apply it on an existing account.

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