QIWI server party 3.0: report + full videos of all reports


    As promised in the previous post, we post videos of all reports sounded on QIWI Server party 3.0 on September 27. So, if you did not come to the mitap itself and did not have time to watch the live broadcast - under the cut, the complete recording of the mitap from A to Z.

    We had an approximate portrait of visitors based on the survey:

    Therefore, we tried not to disappoint all the respondents.



    And, of course, the most important thing is the reports of our children.

    Speakers chronologically

    Dmitry Royenko - Why do we need Kubernetes, DevOps ( video report )

    Yaroslav Storozhenko - How DevOps changed our processes ( video report ).

    Alexander Prokopiev - Development for Kubernetes ( video report )

    Alexander Demushkin - OpsOps and Kubernetes ( video report )

    Oleg Orlov - How to prepare the front in Kubernetes ( video report )

    Anton Shakinko - TestOps. Test infrastructure again ( video report )

    We post videos of our events on the IT QIWI channel(by the way, we also conduct live broadcasts there).

    Thanks to everyone who came.

    Full photo report on mitap can be found here .

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