Mail.Ru announces closed beta of two-factor authentication

    Habr, hello! We are pleased to share great news with you: we have been working on the implementation of two-factor authentication in Mail.Ru services for a long time and now, on the eve of the New Year, we are suddenly ready to start closed beta testing. We invite everyone to participate.

    In our implementation, the second factor is the code sent by SMS to the phone number connected to the account.

    We decided to start closed beta testing of two-factor authentication from Mail - this is one of the key services for us, which is also the most critical in terms of protecting user data. As we said, we are also working to support it on other Mail.Ru projects. That is why in the application for participation in testing, we ask you to indicate what products you use, and we will provide access to them as soon as possible.

    Any feedback on the work of two-factor authentication can be sent to . And if you find security bugs, you can report them through our bug bounty program , in which we pay researchers vulnerabilities found.

    To participate in the testing, leave a request at . We are ready to provide access to the first responding beta testers before the New Year, so that you can test the functionality during the holidays.

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