Interkassa: beware of hidden fees, PayPal conversion is now more attractive than conversion rates of many banks

    For a long time, as a major provider of hosting services, we collaborated with the Intercass payment gateway, because it was convenient for our customers to pay for services in various currencies and with the help of several dozen different, common and not very payment systems, including VISA / Mastercard, although the cards are of course used primarily.

    But yesterday everything changed ... A client sent us a notice that when paying with a card in rubles, Interkassa offered him a conversion rate that was more than 30% higher than the real one. While the dollar was traded on exchanges around 60 rubles and even lower, Interkassa suggested accepting rubles at the rate of over 78 rubles per dollar when paying with a card in rubles!

    We checked several payments made by customers and were simply horrified when paying Yandex. In terms of money, it turned out that in addition to the 3% fee for processing the payment, an inadequate amount in rubles was debited from the client, namely, for 103 USD the amount of debiting amounted to 8553.04 RUB, which is 83.04 rubles per dollar, a screenshot is attached, comments are unnecessary:

    When paying in hryvnia, the situation is not better, for 12.35 USD the client was charged 280.57 UAH, that is, the rate of 22.72 hryvnias per dollar was applied:

    At the same time, Interkassa has not been processing normal withdrawals of funds in USD (WMZ) for its trading floors for a month now, motivating this by the fact that there is a renegotiation of payment machine agreements with the WebMoney system for withdrawals in dollars, while withdrawals in rubles and hryvnias are available, moreover, at the rates of the Central Bank and the National Bank, which by themselves diverge from reality within 10-20%. All this month we have been expecting restoration of normal work on withdrawal, but we are not alone, we put up with it, just so that it would be convenient for our customers to pay. However, after it turned out that in addition to us, they were deceiving and seizing excess funds from our customers by legal means, our patience snapped, we wrote a letter to Interkassa urging us to conduct an honest business in such a difficult time and set adequate payment rates for customers , , and in order to avoid additional conversion fees, you should set the payment in the currency in which the client will pay, unfortunately there are no other options ...

    It follows that the Interkassa is silent about the overvalues . Yes, they do not hide the IPA, yes, they show how much you need to pay in rubles or hryvnias, but many customers simply do not consider the funds when making payments (especially small amounts), believing that they will not take more than 3-4 percent of the commission Alas, we believed.

    We made a firm decision to complete cooperation with such an ungodly aggregator of payments as Interkassa, and to avoid unnecessary losses for our customers, and also to warn everyone in this article - we should be more attentive to our partners, as alas, they do not always justify the trust granted to them . The only sad thing is that, among other things, due to our carelessness and too much trust, innocent people suffered. Apparently it's time to open a site, an analogue of the British , and talk about possible hidden commissions in public, by the way the photo from their action in London:

    We have long planned to start accepting payments with VISA / Mastercard cards through the most popular PayPal payment gateway in the world and once again regretted that we did not introduce this payment method earlier, because there were some technical difficulties with the introduction of payments in the form we needed. Indeed, for the Western market, such a change in the conversion rate is nonsense, yes, there can sometimes be an overvalued conversion rate, and there was already an article on Habr "How not to lose money when paying through PayPal" , but there the losses could be a maximum of a few percent, and not tens of percent ! There, people know that reputation is more expensive than money and it is earned over the years, and you can lose it instantly. For some reason, people here now do not realize this, I hope the situation will change over time.

    It’s fair to say that now advice on turning off conversion on the PayPal side is not always relevant in Russia and Ukraine, since the conversion rates of many banks have become much less profitable than the rates of PayPal conversions.

    So we just had to leave our programmer awake and add the PayPal card accepting module directly to our partner data center account, now our customers can pay for services without commissions and at reasonable conversion rates!

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