Mobile Firefox

    Mozilla Executive Director John Lilly said that in the near future the mobile browser market will become a little closer. Desktop Firefox will get its younger, mobile counterpart.

    In an interview with Linux Insider, Lilly, among other things, said that Mozilla was going to release the most convenient of all existing mobile browsers to date. Firefox Mobile, more precisely, the alpha version of this browser, will appear within a couple of weeks.

    Journalists did not fail to ask Lilly and Google Ghrome. Mozilla’s director practically declined to say that he respects Google and that their product is somewhat better and worse than Firefox.

    By the way, if you still don’t know how to turn Firefox into a kind of Chrome (and what’s fun), then here you are . Lifehaker has translated a good material about this. And not only about Chrome's skin for Fox , but also about additional plugins that expand functionality.

    via CNews

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