How has the past year affected our salaries?

    The end of the year is time to take stock. And if you get paid not in foreign currency, then, most likely, the results will be disappointing. The dollar and the euro almost doubled. Products in online retail in the past year have risen in price by an average of 20–25%, and at the beginning of 2015 they have risen in price by another 14.5–15%. In 2015, utility bills will be maximized and travel ( St. Petersburg ) will rise in price, and wages will not be indexed .


    In this regard, I would like to know how the outgoing year affected our salaries. And what are the expectations of IT specialists for the next year.

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    Has your salary been indexed this year?

    • 12.4% Yes, the salary was indexed at a level not lower than official inflation (> 10%) 592
    • 7% Yes, salaries were indexed below official inflation (<10%) 335
    • 7.5% They promise to index in the near future 361
    • 21.2% No, the employer refused to index salary 1009
    • 45.1% No, this issue was not discussed with the employer 2146
    • 6.6% Another option (in the comments) 315

    Has your salary increased this year?

    • 27.5% Yes, wages increased by no less than official inflation (> 10%) 1265
    • 10.2% Yes, salaries rose below official inflation (<10%) 468
    • 5.7% promise to revise salaries in the near future 265
    • 16% No, the employer refused to raise salaries 736
    • 35.3% No, this issue was not discussed with the employer 1622
    • 5% Another option (in the comments) 231

    What are you going to do in connection with the deterioration of your well-being?

    • 9.3% I will find the second (third, fourth) job 424
    • 16.3% I will find a new job with a higher salary 742
    • 7.8% I will find a new job with a salary in the currency of 355
    • 12.8% I will additionally freelance on foreign exchanges 586
    • 22.5% I will seek a salary increase on the current job 1025
    • 26.5% I am fine 1209
    • 4.5% Another option (in comments) 208

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