Resharper v9 and C # v6

    As you know , recently released version 9 of the resolver, which supports
    many C # 6.0 features such as static usings and the? .. operator

    Those who install the resharper and intend to use it in VS2015 Preview need to keep in mind which features are not supported.

    The resolver’s main page somehow circumvents the c # 6 support level:

    Mention of what is missing can be found in the ReSharper 9: first look at C # 6.0 support post, published almost half a year ago:

    New features like 'declaration expressions' (ability to declare variables anywhere inside expressions), dictionary initializers and nameof () operator are on their way.

    Video What's New In C # 6.0 reports 9 features
    - Getter-only auto-properties
    - Using static classes
    - String interpolation
    - Expression-bodied properties
    - Index initializers
    - Null condition operators
    - The nameof operator
    - Exception filters
    - Await in catch and finally

    Simple the test of new features detects that it is not supported:
    - the operator nameof
    - string interpolation
    - refactoring "Use object Initializer" generates incorrect code .

    For the release version of such a key product as resharper it’s strange to semi-support c # 6 and at the same time it’s not very clear to talk about it.

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