WordPress updated to version 4.1

    The world's most popular WordPress site management system has been updated to version 4.1, code-named “Dinah,” in honor of jazz singer Dina Washington .
    According to the authors of the system, WordPress 4.1 should help you focus on writing publications, and the new theme by default will allow you to show what is written "in style."

    New theme

    The new theme was called Twenty Fifteen (“Twenty Fifteen”), thereby continuing the established tradition of naming topics.

    This is a blog topic that has been created for clarity of presentation.

    Twenty Fifteen has impeccable language support, as uses Google's Noto font .
    Simple typography is read on any size screen.

    Your content always takes center stage, wherever you look at the site - on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

    What can I add from myself? The theme is actually simple and concise. Its design does not use graphic elements.

    It is suitable for a simple blog with no frills.

    Do not get distracted from working with the publication


    The new full-screen mode will delight those who previously could experience any inconvenience with its predecessor. Indeed, if you remember, before the editor opened the full size of the window in full screen mode and the familiar control panel elements disappeared. Such an arrangement of things was far from always convenient.

    In this case, the areas to the left and right of the editor simply disappear when you focus on it. When the mouse cursor goes beyond its limits, the hidden areas reappear.

    In principle, these are the main innovations. However, there are some other minor points.

    Other subtleties

    Choose language

    Currently, WordPress 4.1 has already been translated into more than 40 languages, the rest are on the way. You can switch the language at any time on the General Settings page.
    Sign out anywhere

    If you ever forgot to log out of your account on any computer, now you can go to your profile and use the new opportunity to log out of your account on all computers from which you are logged in.
    Embed Vine Video

    Embedding embedded videos with Vine is now no more difficult than embedding the URL on the video in the editor code. See the full list of supported deployments.
    Plugin Recommendations

    The plugin installer will now tell you which plugins you need. The recommendations come from which plugins you have already installed.

    Relatively small, but nice little things. Among ~ 30,000 plugins, it can be difficult to find the right one. Perhaps the last function will help someone deal with this mess.

    For developers

    Complicated Queries

    Requests for arbitrary fields, dates, and taxonomies now support compound logic, including nesting and multiple operators - A AND (B OR C) .

    Theme Settings API

    As far as I understand, many variables and theme customization procedures have been ported from PHP to JavaScript.

    Tag в темах
    In the file, functions.phpyou can now use an argument in the theme customization hook add_theme_support('title-tag'). According to the idea, this option should facilitate the work on forming WordPress headers .

    Developers can see all changes by API in the corresponding directory .


    What do you like about WordPress updates ?

    Great compatibility.

    So, for example, the Easy Prism Syntax Highlighter plugin written for syntax highlighting works on all versions of the engine, starting from 3.5.1 and ending with the latest 4.1.

    The update, albeit small, is pleasant in terms of the two main innovations.

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