About ReactOS first-hand or “face-to-face” with Alexei Bragin

    imageFew people know that the Institute for System Programming (ISP) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) holds a monthly scientific and practical seminar "Technologies for the development and analysis of programs." The event is supported by Moscow State University and Microsoft Research is an analogue of the TED Talks and Google Tech Talks conferences .

    This Thursday, the guest will be Alexei Bragin, President of the Reactos Foundation, who will make a presentation on the topic " Reactos Operating System ".

    Alexey conducts educational and scientific work directly related to operating systems - developed and read at MSTU. N.E.Bauman at the Department of IU9 own course of lectures and laboratory works, a number of research projects are carried out, including in collaboration with universities in Belgium and France. Research interests: functional and logical programming, operating systems, cryptography, economics.

    The report will discuss the main technical aspects of developing the ReactOS operating system, as well as an example of using three independent projects (ReactOS, Wine, X Window System) to create an alternative implementation of the Win32 subsystem, which can be used both in ReactOS and in Windows itself. for example, to build virtual environments for running Win32 programs.

    You can send your questions both before the report and during it, by e-mail sdat@ispras.ru or on Twitter for @ sdat_seminar .

    The seminar, as usual, will take place at the faculty of the VMK Moscow State University.
    Moscow, Lenin Hills, 2nd educational building, northern entrance, audience P-13.
    Map of the secret fairway in the pirate bay

    Date and time:
    December 18, 2014. Beginning at 18:00

    Conditions of participation:
    There is an access system at MSU, so if you decide to participate in the seminar, you can do this completely free and for free subject to two conditions:
    1. Please send your name, first name and patronymic in advance sdat@ispras.ru ( that is right now ),
    2. Do not forget to take your passport to the seminar.

    We will be glad to see both active supporters of the project, as well as masters of trolling and whipping commentary. Everyone is welcome!

    PS You can subscribe to the event newsletter here .

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