IBM has made Watson Analytics available to everyone

    The Watson Analytics service is becoming open to almost everyone, while in beta. Previously, IBM has already announced its intention to open access to Watson Analytics, and now the promise has been fulfilled. Watson Analytics is part of a project to create a division of the company based on IBM Watson. The total project cost is more than a billion US dollars.

    To test the capabilities of the service in beta mode, it was necessary to submit an application; since September, more than 22 thousand such applications have been submitted. Immediately after the launch of open access, the Watson Analytics Community group appeared, its members discussing the capabilities of the service, as well as popularizing the capabilities of IBM Watson.

    What can the service offer its users?

    Working with Big Data

    IBM Watson is a really very powerful system that can cope with huge amounts of information, processing data in a limited time. Entering the primary data into the system, the user receives an array of ordered information with the identified relationships between the individual elements.

    Helping the business

    Using the power of the system, the company can quickly process the input data of the project, receiving the result, with an explanation of how third-party factors affect the change in financial flows or production capacity of the client.
    So, a wine producer can get information about which country is currently the best place to sell a product, and how current weather conditions can affect yield and crop quality.


    The most complex data and calculations are shown in a way that is understandable to the user. Visualization, graphs, charts - always helps to understand the current situation. Watson Analytics quickly conducts graphical data processing of any complexity.

    Identifying relationships

    Watson Analytics automatically performs the most complex calculations, showing the user the most important factors for him and his business, patterns and relationships between the individual elements.

    Social component

    Twitter and IBM two months ago announced a collaboration. Twitter has granted IBM access to its databases. As you know, user messages on Twitter can serve as a source of primary information for identifying various trends and connections (for example, using Twitter you can quickly "spot" the beginning of an influenza epidemic in a particular region).

    Such cooperation can help IBM customers identify the necessary patterns and trends that are characteristic of the society of a particular region: community, country, mainland. On Twitter you can find a lot of information about users' preferences, their relationship to various brands and their products, as well as other information.

    Processing and structuring of such data will be carried out by IBM Watson Analytics.

    More information about the service, as well as a request for access to Watson Analythics, can be obtained here .

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