Tech Village - reviews of people working in the IT field about life in different cities and countries

    Like many startups, we sometimes think about where to move geographically, because when you work on an IT project, you are not tied to a specific place and you can safely choose a country that is comfortable for living. In general, there are many articles on the Internet about the life of programmers in various countries, but they are all scattered across different resources, and if you want to get to know several countries in general and compare them, then this is not always a convenient process. Also, we knew about the Google table about life and work in other countries, which Habr users filled out (I think many remember it), it is super informative, of course, but at the same time cumbersome, and learning it quickly is not so easy.

    In general, we decided that the world urgently needed a special sitewith feedback from programmers on how they live in other countries. Because we had a google document, then from there we decided to take information for the site. Unfortunately, we could not find the creator of the document and contact him, but in any case this site is non-profit and made for the convenience of programmers, no monetization is planned here. If there is a creator, then with pleasure we will write about him in the section "About the project", because without a document it’s unlikely that the site would be so informative.
    To visualize the information, they decided to use the world map and place all the reviews right there. It seemed to us the most convenient for perception - if in one city there are several reviews with different ratings, then the average score is displayed on them. And in general, it is immediately immediately visible which regions are most comfortable for living.

    At this stage, we are satisfied with the format of the site, but there are some ideas for developing this small project. Firstly, to collect more feedback from Russian-speaking programmers who work in other countries. We think that for this we write in IT public and on forums. Secondly, for each city you can create a certain knowledge base: are there Russian communities, any useful contacts of people and organizations, links with useful information. Thirdly, add a vacancy section. For starters, these can simply be links to portals such as HH, where there is relevant information on working in the IT field.

    We develop the Tech Village project in our free time, as a hobby.
    So far, these are all our ideas for this project. We are open to any suggestions that will help make the site better, so write to us. And do not forget to leave your opinion about the city where works

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