A few tips to the millennial from the "oldies". How to succeed in our digital world

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“Touring” platform for various companies, I often participate in making personnel decisions: at the university, in a large international company, where I also work, and at a restaurant of my own wife.

Like many other employers, we strive to hire the younger generation - in particular, the millennials - because we need new ideas and fresh blood, we are looking for those who will help us keep up with the times.

Recently, however, I have to some extent been disappointed in the candidates who come to us.

We invite young people for interviews, whose resumes look great (a good university, high marks and recommendations, work experience), but they do not meet our expectations at the meeting.

This may seem strange, but sometimes I get the feeling that I’m talking to a person a dozen years older than me - although in fact a candidate may be fifteen years younger. Too many millennials live a completely “unmanaged” life.

It occurred to me that it would be useful to tell you what I expect from candidates who come for an interview.

And I decided to give some advice to the millennials from the “old men”.

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I would like to pay attention to what you should think EVERYONE who wants to be a valuable asset in our rapidly changing digital world.

So, what to do to those who want to live a happy and successful "life millennial."

Who is to blame and what to do

Smart approach to education

Education is certainly very important. I work at a university and I like to teach. Nobody argues that today you just need to have a good education: this gives you value in the labor market.

But lately I have stopped considering formal education (university, specialty, grades, grade point average, etc.) as an indicator of a person’s potential value for an organization.

I came to the conclusion that in many cases, during their studies, students acquire not the skills they need, in particular, young people kill their creativity. And it becomes a problem, because I need guys who will offer fresh ideas and help my organization become more innovative and flexible.

Therefore, it does not matter what specialty and in which university you study - the main thing is to approach the absorption of information and the training that is offered to you.

Students need to learn much better to distinguish between useful and useless in their studies.

As I wrote earlier , “curation” is becoming more and more important - especially when it comes to education.

Millennials need to develop the ability to use the good and useful that they meet, as well as to criticize and reject the harmful and useless and never lose their creative enthusiasm.

Be real

I too often see millenials trying to adapt to the expectations of others: they complicate the situation too much and try to behave in such a way as to fit into it - at least, I think so.

As a result, for example, at the interview, millennials often look overly serious, disciplined and experienced workers. It seems to them that this is what I expect, so they behave accordingly.

The problem is that from the outside it may look unnatural and even insincere.

“Serious” (focused on subordination to work processes) employees are not what the world needs today: on the contrary, individuality and the ability to display their distinctive qualities are required everywhere.

So always be yourself, feel free to be real.

Probably, not everyone will like you, but if you really like someone, it will increase the likelihood that you will join the team and find an opportunity to realize yourself in a new job.

Use your own digital literacy

Never be shy of your knowledge of technology: many young people often feel guilty about their “dependence” on electronic devices (however, this is exclusively my experience).

But in fact, everything should be the other way around, because this knowledge of technology is a huge competitive advantage.

Take, for example, social networks: with their help, brands create their own image and organize sales. In business, social networks are becoming an increasingly important means of communication with consumers. I need millennials who understand this whole world: Instagram , YouTube and others - this understanding can definitely be beneficial in a business context.

Speaking in general, I advise you to focus on knowing how new technologies work: not everyone needs to be developers and engineers, but everyone should understand how modern technologies work and what benefits can be gained from them.

The ability to apply and “discover” the potential of new technologies is vital in the digital world.

Do not lose the ability to think bravely

Most employers need employees who can think outside the usual framework.

There is no need to mindlessly accept existing workflows and procedures: they often pull the organization back, and you need someone who will challenge the archaisms and move the company forward.

Be adventurous, brave and take risks.

Hold on to the goal and never give up

Finally, I am sure that perseverance, along with the ability to constantly adapt to a rapidly changing environment, are essential qualities that must remain with us in the digital world.

When I talk to millennials, it often seems to me that they are waiting for the results right away - unfortunately, the world is different: if you don’t expect anything or what you hope for, don’t stop. Think, draw conclusions - and again, go ahead!

Follow your dreams, but remain flexible and be prepared to adapt to changing circumstances.

Something else...

I do not think that the “millenial” is just a person born at a certain time : it seems to me that this is a mentality, a perception of the world, which anyone can be.

No matter how old you are, most of the above will be true for you. In this sense, I believe that EVERYONE can (and should) strive to be a “millennial”.

After all, “millennial values” are values ​​of our culture.

A rapidly changing and technology-based culture of freedom, self-expression and socially responsible entrepreneurship.

We just need more open, ambitious and creative "millennials" - technology-savvy people who dare to dream and are able to constantly think outside the box.

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