Trilateration with iBeacon

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At the end of October, Moscow hosted the conference of mobile developers #MBLTDev , at which I talked about trilateration using iBeacon.

In the report, I intentionally omitted all the standard code examples that can be found on the Internet, and focused on what are the competing technologies, how the beacon works, and what difficulties you have to face. You can’t cover the topic with one speech, but I hope in the story you will find new and unique for yourself.


iBeacon technology itself was released a little over a year ago. During this time, manufacturers have seriously improved their devices and expanded their range. TTX became more stable. Different types of food and even “disposable” sticker beacons are offered. Apple has released several updates to cover problems with iBeacon, and managed to quarrel with Google regarding the use of the protocol. There are examples of implementation. Moreover, when listing them, you can not refer to distant California, but talk about two cafes in Novosibirsk (the problem of paying the bill without waiting for the waiter and the problem of simultaneously requesting the bill for a large number of visitors was solved), the Borodino Battle Panorama Museum (audio guide with pictures), RIF , Mega Belaya Dacha and Sheremetyevo ... Finally, my own experience working under the flag of e-Legionfor automation of large residential premises.

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