Life hack: buying currency in Sberbank without commission

    I had to buy euros the other day, I looked at courses on websites, it turned out that the best was from the savings. After a call to them, it turned out that in the office that worked until late there were no cash euros. For a number of reasons, it was imperative to convert rubles into euros on the same day. Therefore, it was decided to make a deposit in euros, deposit funds in rubles, and the next day to withdraw in euros.

    Flexible course

    Sber has a flexible course. up to 1000 one course, from 1001 another (better for the client) so it turns out that it is cheaper to buy 1001 euros than 1000 (we pay less, we get more)

    Cashless Conversion

    As a result, I found out that they have a commission for operations with currency. Up to 1000 ye - 30 rubles, after 1000 - 70 rubles. Which puts in place all the problems with the flexible rate, since due to the difference in the commission rate is almost equalized.
    But not in my case! Since I conducted non-cash conversion, I was released from the commission.

    Thus, if you are sorry to pay a commission, but you have a little extra time, you can not buy currency for cash, but put money on a deposit in the currency you need and immediately withdraw. Maybe other banks have something similar.

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