Oomph 2.0 released

    Updated Oomph - a set of tools for working with microformats and implementing support for microformats on their pages. Oomph 2.0 was developed by the same MIX Online team , which created the Gestalt mechanism - a library for embedding Python / Ruby in HTML ( about it on the hub ).

    See what Oomph offers on this test page.. It implements the microformats hCard, hCalendar, hMedia Audio, hMedia Video, hMedia Image, which are aggregated in a specially added component, which is accessed through the icon in the upper left corner. The component has the ability to view address data, event information, see the location of an address on a map, view an image, and export calendar data and addresses to user address books or calendars.

    What's new in the second version of Oomph:

    * full implementation and support of microformat Value Class Pattern ;
    * hMedia support;
    * controls for quick integration of microformats in ASP.NET;
    * improved performance;
    * Few bugs fixed and code refactored.

    The Oomph Toolkit is open source . Using the link provided, you can download the installer with tools and documentation.

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