Thermoelectric charging for gadgets and for cooking

    BioLite offers everyone who is interested in a curious and relatively inexpensive gadget BioLite CampStove with interesting functionality, which is not so easy to describe in one definition - the device makes it possible to convert the heat generated during the combustion of wood into electrical energy, which makes it possible to charge a smartphone, and simultaneously cook on open fire food.

    The device’s structural diagram is shown in the diagram below, and its use is supposed by the developers as follows: when they find themselves in a situation where electrical energy is unavailable (the designers meant an earthquake in Japan, a flood in Thailand, and even an episode from the post-apocalyptic film “Book of Eli”, when the protagonist loses ability to listen to your iPod, when its power runs out), the unit can be loaded with firewood and to be able to charge your smartphone via USB-port:

    the effectiveness of CampStove describes Xia developers as follows: 20 minutes of a "thermoelectric" charging will allow the smartphone to work for an hour of talk time.

    At the same time, CampStove can also serve for its second purpose - for example, nothing can stop boiling a kettle on it or cooking what travelers usually eat (at the same time you can estimate the size of the device from the photo below):

    CampStove costs $ 129.

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