Have you bolted your software?

    Recently I came across one topic from "Humor ...", which made me think of the terms of reference (terms of reference) of 1992, written to develop one automated system of an industrial level.

    TK itself fell into my hands in the "printed machine" version, and since I was then a young specialist who had just graduated from the university, I got the responsible role to take it over. At first it was terribly boring, but when I read it, I almost fell off the chair. I bring to your attention some fun excerpts from the ToR on software:
    • right at the beginning of the document the software was called as a “ product ”;
    MTBF - at least 5000 hours;
    • average service life - at least 3 years;
    • average shelf life infactory packaging in equipped rooms - in accordance with the documentation for purchased technical equipment;
    • paragraph Requirements for ergonomics and technical aesthetics (this is not some GUI for you);
    • The product should be developed taking into account the requirements of technical aesthetics and ergonomics set forth in GOST 12997-84, OST 4 GO.070.232-85;
    Decorative coatings of the component parts of the product must meet the requirements of GOST 9.301-86, OST 4 GO.014.000, OST 4 GO.014.202 (for a long time I scratched the decorative coating and programs, honestly, I did not find it);
    The design of the product must be maintainable ;
    • Productmust be stored in a room with storage conditions in accordance with group 1 of GOST 15150-69;
    • The preservation and adjustment of the product should ensure its safety during transportation in containers, closed railway wagons and aircraft (in heated sealed compartments), as well as when transported by motor vehicles with rain and snow protection with transportation conditions in accordance with GOST 15150-69. (I usually use a flash drive I transport in my pocket);
    • The product, in terms of the impact of climatic factors, must comply with the requirements of category 4 of the climatic modification of UHL according to GOST 15150-96;
    Select fasteners according to OST 4 GO.899.210;
    • All threadedconnections in the product must be protected from self-unscrewing in accordance with OST 4 GO.019.200;

    And you know, 17 years have already passed ... and it, the product :), works, despite the presence of a "threaded connection" (probably in the head of the person who composed this TK).

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