Shared hosting and php5.4, when already?

    A small history of PHP releases:
    • version 5.3 was released back in 2009;
    • 5.4 - March 1, 2012;
    • 5.5 - January 20, 2013.


    In August of this year, PHP 5.3 received its latest update, this version will not be supported anymore. In 2015, this fate awaits version 5.4. Unfortunately, the ru-segment is not in a hurry for PHP developers.
    In the world of PHP in recent years there have been quite large changes. The advent of GitHub, Composer, and PSR has seriously changed the PHP community.
    Symfony 2, laravel, and now yii2 can be considered the current mainstream. And of course I want to write modern, good, high-quality code.
    Unfortunately, desire does not always coincide with reality. And now another client comes to us, orders a site and asks to place it on his own, always on his hosting, because his Wordpress blog is already spinning there. And hosting is very good if it supports at least 5.3. Customer stubbornness is also surprising: the current cost of hosting is a ridiculous amount in the region of 150 rubles per month, which is an order of magnitude less than the cost of the site itself.
    At one time, for our hosts, the transition from php5.2 to php 5.3 was very painful. Until now, on some sites, version 5.3 is included in only one single way in htaccess: AddHandler application / x-httpd-php53 .php

    I conducted a small study of hosting at the beginning and end of this year.
    Options with VPS, VDS, clouds are immediately excluded. Also, options are excluded when hosting offers to build php yourself. The sample was from the hostings that I encountered in the process of working, plus top Google. No advertising and PR, bare numbers:

    PHP Version Summer 2013PHP Version December 2014
    sweb.ru5.25.6 [upd1] [upd2]
    masterhost.ru5.35.4 [upd1]
    hc.ru5.35.4 not on all panels
    diphost.ru5.45.6, 5.6-beta
    As you can see from the table, about 30% of hosting is not ready to switch to 5.4, but these 30% are quite large players.

    Unfortunately, these 30% are a significant argument for our managers not to use the new features of the language. I really hope that this post will not go unnoticed by our hosts.
    Of course, the question still arises: does the shared hosting need support for modern versions of php. Take VPS, configure and do not worry. But this is a completely different story, and many customers simply cannot cope with VPS.

    Unsubscribed by masterhost - there is support for php5.4, although TP assured me of buying VPS
    Answer sweb -
    5.4 and 5.5 are available for independent selection from the control panel for all accounts registered since the introduction of these versions with us. For accounts registered up to this point, the version changes to 5.4 and 5.5 through support, while these servers are in the process of updating.

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