A digest of useful articles for aspiring entrepreneurs

    Novice entrepreneurs often turn to our campaign. In addition to trade automation, they are often worried about other issues related to starting a business. Especially for them, we prepared this material, in which we collected our 10 best business articles of the past year. Many publications come with accessible infographics. Enjoy reading!

    1. What to choose LLC or IP?

    The question of what to choose LLC or IP is very important and can confuse many novice entrepreneurs. Find out what is more profitable for LLC or IP and what key differences exist between these forms in our article .

    2. How to choose the OKVED code?

    Before you begin preparing documents for registration, you must select the types of activities and their codes. It is important to correctly indicate your activities, because this is what directly affects the tax system. In addition, if you enter the code incorrectly, you may be denied registration. After reading this article you will learn how to specify the types of activities.

    3. How to choose a tax system

    Before submitting documents for registration of entrepreneurs, a novice entrepreneur must choose a taxation system. What this system is, what forms of taxation exist and what you need to pay attention to when choosing them, you will learn by reading this material .

    4. How to register an IP - step-by-step instruction

    The article contains simple understandable infographics with step-by-step instructions, as well as information about what else you need to know when registering an IP.

    5. How to register an LLC

    A similar article on how to register an LLC yourself. A list of documents required for opening is attached.

    6. What you need to automate the store

    What is store automation? What is needed in order to automate the store? And why is this needed? - You will receive answers to these questions in this article .

    7. Registration of the cash register in the tax

    How registration of cash register equipment is carried out, what documents you need and in what order you need to act - read in our article .

    8. How to open a grocery store

    Another step-by-step instruction . Details of all stages of opening a grocery store.

    9. Types of Loyalty Programs

    There are a huge variety of various loyalty tools. But how to choose a loyalty program that will suit your business? We offer you a short list of the most effective programs. Find out exactly what is right for your business in our article .

    10. Retail pricing

    What the price is made of, how to evaluate the pricing efficiency and what pricing strategies exist in retail read in our article .

    We wish you success in all your endeavors!

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