Intel PAC with FPGA Stratix 10 SX - an accelerator for large tasks

    FPGA Intel Stratix 10 SX / GX , which appeared on sale 2 years ago, became a new word in the field of gate arrays. Made on the minimum at the time 14-nm process technology, they were twice as productive and 70% more efficient than their predecessors. However, to realize all the capabilities of Intel's FPGA, we need the same advanced wrapper. The hardware / software construct released by Intel for using Stratix in host systems is called the Programmable Acceleration Card (PAC) - its latest version was announced in September of this year.

    The new PAC is based on the FPGA Intel Stratix 10 SX - the most powerful model from the Stratix 10 family. Let me recall in brief its main characteristics:

    • HyperFlex architecture;
    • production technology - 14-nm Tri-Gate (FinFET);
    • monolithic factory with 5.5 million logical elements;
    • up to 96 duplex transceiver channels;
    • throughput of transceivers up to 28.3 Gb / s;
    • hardware error correction in each channel of the transceiver;
    • memory hardware controllers that support DDR4-2666 memory;
    • Digital signal processing units (DSP) with total capacity up to 10 TFLOPS, energy efficiency up to 80 GFLOPS / W;
    • embedded 4-core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 processor with a frequency of up to 1.5 GHz;
    • hardware accelerated encryption / decryption of AES-256, SHA-256/384 and ECDSA-256/384;
    • hardware support for multi-factor authentication.

    As for the Programmable Acceleration Card itself, its functional device is as follows.

    The same in more detail as a table.

    Form factorPCIe Gen3 x16
    Full height, 3/4 length, dual slot
    Memory32 GB DDR4 (4x8 GB) ECC
    Network interfaces 2X QSFP + up to 100 Gbps
    Service interface USB 2.0 for debugging and programming
    Control controllerIntel MAX 10 FPGA Baseboard Management Management Controller (BMC)
    • Read temperature and voltage data
    • Platform Level Data Model (PLDM)
    • IPMI 2.0
    Power management Intel Enpirion Power Solutions (real-time telemetry and status monitoring)
    Software• Acceleration Stack for Intel Xeon CPUs with FPGA
    • FPGA Interface Manager
    • Intel Quartus Prime Pro Edition
    • Intel FPGA SDK for OpenCL
    The card will be available as part of Intel OEM partners (in particular, Hewlett Packard Enterprise) at the beginning of next year.

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