Adobe fixed Flash Player critical vulnerability

    Adobe has released an unscheduled update APSB14-26 for its Flash Player, which complements it with special protection mechanisms from exploits vulnerability CVE-2014-8439. This vulnerability could be used by attackers to remotely execute code on a vulnerable system. Update Flash Player is available for users of Windows, Linux and OS X. According to the famous French security- kafeine , CVE-2014-8439 is already in active operation.

    The following message is for installing an updated version of Internet Explorer on Windows 8.1.

    We recommend updating your Flash Player as soon as possible. Browsers such as Internet Explorer 10 & 11 on Windows 8 / 8.1 and Google Chrome update their versions of Flash Player automatically. For IE, see the updated Security Advisory 2755801 . Check your version of Flash Player for relevance here , the table below shows these versions for various browsers.

    be secure.

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