Beta of new Opera Mini for Android with synchronization

    Last May, we  launched the new Opera for Android with a new engine and interface, but Opera Mini for Android all this time remained with the old black interface, code-named “Brim”. And now it’s the turn to get rid of chernukha and upgrade to the new bright Opera Mini: keep the beta Opera Mini for Android, which works since version Android 2.3 - I ’ll remind you how it used to be: Now, let's see how it is now. The new Opera Mini now has three modes: tablet, classic and for the phone. Choose the one that suits you - because today it is a phone, a tablet or, God forgive me, a phablet - the owner of the device decides for himself.

    Also in the new Opera Mini there are private tabs, a convenient overview of the tabs - in fact, everything that you already know well from the older sister of Opera Mini - mobile Opera for Android . The synchronization that is already in the Opera mobile beta for Android has not been forgotten either :


    Now you can log in to Opera for your computer and synchronize your bookmarks with Opera Mini, this simple process looks something like this:

    Tell us how new you are - we are not overjoyed.

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