14 Effective Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses (Part 2)

Original author: Marya Jan
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In the first part of the article on content marketing for small businesses, we talked about many of the "usefulness". Well, the promised continuation follows below!

# 8 Write for both people and search engines

Content marketing of the old school was more like a practice of creating links, but now it’s not. In fact, if your approach is this, Google will not be very friendly to you.

You must create content using the very method on which the modern market is based. Use the phrases that people use in search engines to find what they are looking for. Thus, you will not only deal with those who do not yet know about you, but also with search engines

Do not create content just to get traffic and generate links - it smacks of spam, so hardly anyone will like it. Create content that will be appreciated - one that people like, and they will be happy to share it with their friends.

All this will only increase your traffic. If you organically enter links into the content, it’s good, but don’t put them at the head of your content strategy.

# 9 Call for action

When organizing your content marketing, always call your readers for action, because without this, all your efforts will go to waste.

Make sure your call is appropriate and contextual. It may contain a request: to download an electronic version of a book, to subscribe to a newsletter, to participate in a survey or to purchase. Do not add a call to action asking for a purchase after every bit of content - you don’t want to turn everything into a sale? Do this only when it makes sense, and is considered appropriate for your audience.

On the other hand, do not avoid mentioning your product or service at all, otherwise you will greatly reduce your return on investment. Remember that the right context is the key to success.

# 10 Always find new ideas

Content marketing is an ongoing activity in which you must participate day after day, week after week, but someday there will come a time where you will begin to feel slightly limited.


The key to salvation is the constant updating of your Swipe file. Install Google Alerts. Subscribe to industry leading blogs and magazines. Pay attention to what people say in communities, forums, social networks and groups. Make a list of questions that your own readers constantly ask you.

Refer to this material for inspiration when you draw up your content plan. Save the swipe file to your hard drive and remember that its contents cannot be thoughtlessly copied.

Content that has been rephrased and compiled in haste is very easy to spot.

# 11 Get support

Do not spend all your efforts in content marketing on creating brand awareness. In fact, you can make other people do it for you.

Contact important and influential SEO users. Before asking to do something in return, you need to establish a good relationship with them. At the right time, you can ask them to share some of the content with their “tribe” (which usually numbers hundreds or thousands of followers, if not millions).

In addition to direct help, supporting you with "big bumps" is like icing on a cake.

Instead of creating new content each time, you can ask your readers to share their opinions with provocative or fun questions. Such content created by the users themselves will only be at your fingertips.

Ultimately, the goal behind content marketing is to turn your users into your supporters. They will spread your word and become a great support group for your brand. When they praise you, it has a much greater impact than if you did.

When your clients work in your place, their actions look 100 times more reliable.

# 12 Optimize your content landing pages

The landing page is created with the special intention of having the reader take a specific action and read some of the content, for example. The templates for these pages will include: a squeeze page, whose goal is to collect email addresses, a home page, a help page, or any other content-filled page. For example, a blog post, video tutorial, or presentation.

In order for your content marketing to work to the fullest, you must take care of your landing pages. They must be optimized, that is, you must make it extremely easy for the reader to find the most important information, and they do not have to search for it throughout the site. There should be: a strong headline and a single, but understandable, call to action, which should be designed so that people happily perform the action you need.

All of your landing pages should be credible, reliable, and emphasize your difference from other brands.

# 13 Create such “goodies” that you can’t refuse

If you think you need to blog in order to have a successful content plan, you're wrong. In fact, you do not need to do this, although a blog provides quite large advantages for your business, if properly and professionally arranged. Content marketing relies on the creation and distribution of content for business purposes.

In addition to regular blog posts, these can be: e-books, electronic courses, webinars, real meetings, conversations, podcasts, white books, infographics, educational videos and presentations.

Most, if not all, of these should be created so that people subscribe to your email newsletter. Thus, over time, they will serve you as the main means of generating offers. More importantly, you can have several suggestions designed for different distribution channels.

# 14 Stop looking for instant income

Of course, content marketing is designed for a long-term strategy. Sometimes it can be difficult to get some results instantly, and you get the feeling that nothing will come of it. Do not despair. Be consistent. Plan for updates and keep an eye on them regularly.

Make decisions for the future based on data analysis. If you continue to do everything right, you are guaranteed to begin to see the results.

Ready to get started?

After all, content marketing is a process in which you create and disseminate useful, relevant, and extremely valuable information to attract your target audience. To make it all work, you must be consistent, have clear and predetermined intentions.

Which of the above do you take today? Share with us in the comments!

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