Stop, a moment! Meet Normcore Marketing

Constant attempts to sell something pretty tired of buyers. The promotion of goods has become so complicated that simplicity and conciseness have become more efficient. Normcore marketing comes to the fore. And what does this mean, we will tell in the article.

What is the essence

Normcore marketing began with fashion. A couple of years ago, the K-HOLE team expressed the idea of ​​“fashion without fashion”. Things are not needed to be different from other people. Clothing is just a necessity, not a way of self-expression.

This movement was supported (perhaps unconsciously) by Steve Jobs. In public, he calmly appeared in the same thing - in jeans and a dark turtleneck.


The essence of the normcore movement is reduced to simplicity, naturalness and conciseness. People were tired of running and decided to slow down a little.

Slow Food (Slow Food) and Slow TV (Slow TV) appeared. The changes affected the rhythm of life as a whole, which was reflected in the Slow Moments movement. Mankind has “slow” habits: drawing, meditation. People want peace and silence, rather than advertising flickering before their eyes.

Why normcore is effective

  1. They tried so many times to surprise buyers that a picture with a landscape works more efficiently. Against the background of unusualness, the most ordinary things attract attention.
  2. Sophisticated technology tires users. They should just be beneficial.
  3. The concept of values ​​is changing. Harmony with oneself is valued more than real estate, and the ability to travel is more stable.

The approach to advancement is inevitably changing. Advertising becomes simple, reflects the usual aspects of life.

Normcore advertising

A vivid example of a video in this style that has become known around the world is the video produced by DIAGEO with Nick Offerman. The full version lasts as long as 10 hours, and all this time the actor just drinks whiskey. And that’s all.

Another famous example is paint advertising. The main character paints the fence. No action.

The simplicity and conciseness of the famous advertising company Yota. People want silence and the Internet. And they get what they want.

A simple but original advertisement pleased LEGO.


Throughout its existence, Kit Kat reminds its customers that it’s time to take a break. This is evidenced by the advertising company.


Promotion with an emphasis on conciseness and clarity is practiced by car manufacturers. The advertisement for Mercedes has a clear essence, a bit of humor, and a beautiful winter landscape.

This ad is the result of the work of Ford marketers. It was created when Saudi women were allowed to drive a car.


Who will work normcore marketing

Whether the normcore principle will work in your company depends on the type of activity and the target audience. Normcore is suitable for those who:

  • engaged in production. The monotonous work of machine tools, the process of creating a shirt or baking a cake is what the audience needs today. Record the process on a video about show customers.
  • connects his work with nature. In the bustle of city life, there should be time for the contemplation of cows walking on green grass.
  • Helps others to relax. Watching vacation videos helps you relax.

The move to normcore marketing opens up a new field for advertisers' imagination. But the decision to create such an advertisement must be balanced, because blind imitation does not always lead to success.

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