Data Center Photo Tour from Australian Collocation Provider Micron21

    I present to you a photo tour of the data center from the Australian colocation provider Micron21. In its location at the moment there is one commercial data center, which has received a certificate of reliability Tier III. Micron21 has also passed certification of design documentation for the relevant requirements of Tier IV (Tier IV Certified Design Documents). In the future, the company plans to certify its commercial server farm to a Tier IV reliability level, which has already been built and commissioned (Tier IV Certified Constructed Facility) and thereby become the first holder of the Uptime Institute Tier IV certificate for a ready-made data center in Australia.

    After visiting the data center, it becomes clear that the company is not a typical colocation provider. James Braunagg founded Micron21 six years ago in a family printing house, calling it “intra-business business.” He took advantage of the network infrastructure of the printing house and the unused space in order to offer hosting services to potential customers.

    The IT direction also paid off in 2014. It was decided to sell all printing equipment and make way for future server equipment (this happened in July 2015). Thanks to this, James Braunagg was able to increase his IT infrastructure from 10 racks to 100 racks and thereby increase the capacity of the server farm to 2 megawatts. He decided to use part of the useful space for rent by third-party companies for the purpose of subsequent deployment of client server equipment.

    The company's engineers were able to provide increased reliability of all auxiliary equipment: power supplies, cooling system and other auxiliary equipment, which has a power reserve for obtaining a certificate and Tier IV reliability level. The colocation provider uses Cummins redundant generators and freecooling chillers ; the design also provides the possibility of installing additional pipelines, compressors and pumps.

    The main key feature of the Micron21 data center is the density of computing in computers. At the moment, the number of clients exceeds 1 thousand users of hosting services, the requests of which are processed by server equipment inside only 10 racks based on Raspberry Pi .

    The network infrastructure of the Micron21 data center is impressive - customers have direct access to 1.6 yew. networks around the world. And this is an amazing achievement, as for such a modest company. The company also protects its network with its own anti-DDoS service that can withstand an attack of 700 GB / s.

    Micron21 has an extensive customer base: from small and medium-sized businesses to Australian government departments that require fault-tolerant IT services. When modernizing and expanding their data center, the Australians did not provide any inconvenience in the form of unplanned downtime for their existing customers. At the same time, they created their own data center, which was ready for Tier IV certification. Some people compare this to upgrading the engine of a car that is in motion.

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