Python Meetup 10/31/14: asynchrony and soft skills

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imageBelarusian Python players celebrated Halloween together this year at the Python Meetup Sabbath . It so happened that the last Friday of the month fell just on October 31. This, of course, could not but affect the format of the meeting. Perfume played with technology, and our speakers talked about asynchronous work in JavaScript and Python, the advantages of the open source ERP and CRM systems of Odoo and complained about how not only to be a good programmer, but a bad person.

The worst Python Meetup of the year was held at EventSpace, the new venue for IT events in Minsk. Community members were among the first to rate this place, as the meeting was the first major event held here.

Maxim Schepelin “About asynchrony”
Web Developer Wargaming

In a simple and understandable form, Maxim told why there is nothing magical and complicated in the asynchronous operation of JavaScript and Python. After all, asynchrony is the same single-threaded, just with delayed execution. Maxim talked about the features of asynchronous code in Python and JavaScript, call stacks, callbacks, and exceptions in asynchronous operation.
The report will be useful for beginners who are just beginning to get acquainted with asynchronous code execution.
Maxim's presentation can be downloaded here .

Oleg Kuryan “Open Source CMS and ERP system in one bottle”
Technical Director of Expansa Group

Oleg, in a truly Halloween manner, presented the Odoo framework. Originally conceived as an ERP system, Odoo now allows you to create sites without too much difficulty. Unfortunately, the perfume got to Oleg’s laptop, on which he showed the Odoo interface. However, if you want to learn more about the work of this framework, there are many links to useful materials in the presentation.
The report is recommended for web developers and Python programmers who decide to try themselves in web development.
Oleg's presentation can be downloaded here .

Pavel Meshkoy “Why I write good code, but no one appreciates it except my mother”
Web Developer Wargaming

In a funny and easy way, Pavel raised a serious, but far from obvious, problem of personal responsibility among programmers. Unfortunately, programmers themselves do not always understand why they need to be responsible, sociable, and be able to program “with their feet” if they already write good code.
The report is recommended for viewing to all specialists who want to successfully work in a team and create a truly high-quality product.
Paul's presentation can be downloaded here .

The next Python Meetup will be held November 28th .
At the meeting, reports will be presented:
  • Stas Rudakov (Wargaming) - “Practical Python Packaging”
  • Andrey Puchko ( - “Python & Printer”

The program is still being formed!
You will get acquainted with the detailed program and register here .

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