Fintech Digest: problems of biometrics on mobiles, leasing phones from Samsung, securities on the blockchain

    Today in issue:

    • Biometrics on mobile devices is a challenge;
    • The Chinese bank issued securities on the blockchain;
    • Samsung flagship devices can be leased;
    • Bitcoin is ready for rapid growth.

    Smartphones and cryptographic protection - compatibility is still insufficient

    Russian banks have been collecting biometric data of citizens for the past three months. But, as it turned out , the provision of personal services on the basis of these data to users is still impossible. The problem is that the requirements for the level of cryptographic protection are high, and in some cases it is simply impossible to fulfill all of them, so you have to look for compromises.

    A mobile application that is able to verify a client is developing Rostelecom. His release is scheduled for mid-October. But with the placement of the program in Google and Apple, unexpected problems have arisen.

    The application is protected by cryptography, that is, Apple and Google must consent to the introduction of a black box in their app stores. And if from Google such consent is obtained, then negotiations are still ongoing with Apple,
    - An expert close to Rostelecom comments on the situation.

    Another problem is that the period of certification of encryption tools in the FSB is often longer than the lifetime of the user and banking software. This discrepancy leads either to the use of uncertified, but the latest software version, or to work with an outdated version that has a certificate.

    There are difficulties with the requirements of the FSB regarding the means of cryptographic protection.

    In accordance with the current FSB documents, if the intruder has access to the source codes of the operating system (there is such an option for Linux and Android) on which biometric software will run, certification is possible only by the KA class, which cannot be done,
    - said Cisco Internet Security Consultant Alexey Lukatsky.

    Chinese bank issued securities on the blockchain

    Fifth PRC largest commercial bank Bank of Communications mobilized blokcheyn for issuance of securities, which are provided mortgage (RMBS).

    The underwriter of a securities issue in this situation was China International Capital Corporation. In addition, the issue was joined by the two largest commercial banks in the country - Commercial Bank of China and China Merchants Bank.

    According to the authors of the project, the placement of data on mortgage loans in the blockchain will allow participants of the RMBS issue to evaluate investment risks through the due intelligence procedure, as well as to process transactions in a different way.

    Samsung flagships can be leased

    South Korean company Samsung is offering Russians a new program - the opportunity to take the latest generation mobile device into leasing.

    The corporation wants to expand the audience of users of flagship devices, as well as accelerate the replacement of such devices. If we are talking about leasing, then the client will have to report every year for the smartphone. The device can be exchanged for a new gadget in six months or a year.

    If the smartphone is fully paid, it will be considered the property of the owner. At the moment, the program is distributed to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 / S9 +, which can be leased from Samsung stores from October 1.

    Bitcoin is ready for a new dash

    The founder of the Galaxy Digital Bank, Mike Novograts, believes that the cryptocurrency market is ready for new growth, the expert said in an interview with CNN Money . In particular, Novograc argues that many large companies, including Microsoft and Starbucks, are gradually becoming more and more serious about cryptocurrency.

    According to experts, the growth in the number of providers in the world of cryptocurrency will allow digital money to penetrate into state structures, including pension and other funds.

    Earlier Novograc stated that Bitcoin has already reached the bottom and now its path is only upward.

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