16 entertaining projects for your new Raspberry Pi

    The new Raspberry Pi has become smaller, cheaper (only $ 20) and more energy efficient. A good update for a device that is already selling well. We have collected the coolest Pi-based projects that can be implemented on both the new and original models.

    1. Stop-motion camera

    There are many ways to use the optional camera module with the Pi. And one of them is stop-motion animation. Take Lego figures and you can shoot entire full-length films using this technique. In addition to the Raspberry Pi and the camera module, you will also need a breadboard, jumpers and a tactile button.

    Detailed instructions can be found on the Raspberry Pi website .

    2. Wireless Access Point
    Configure network access using the Raspberry Pi. If you wish, you can also create a separate guest network. To do this, you need an SD card, a USB network adapter and some coding skills to set everything up correctly.

    See the manual at The MagPi .

    3. Touchscreen for car dashboard

    If you are willing to spend enough time, try creating a touchpad based on the Raspberry Pi, which will save you several hundred dollars. Thanks to the open software XBMC Media Center, you can play music, watch videos and photos, as well as much more (just do not forget to follow the road).

    Find details on Instructables .

    4. Robot
    If you have an extra controller for Nintendo Wii, you can use it to create your own robot - only its appearance completely depends on your imagination and available materials. You will also need a chassis and a motor controller so that the robot can move.

    Detailed instructions on the Raspberry Pi website .

    5. Camera with motion sensor
    Want to know who came into your office while you were away? Or can make a good shot of the squirrel, which is often in your yard? A camera with a motion sensor based on the Raspberry Pi can help you out. To create it, you will need a passive IR sensor and coding skills, but the time spent on the gadget will pay off in full.

    Instructables has a detailed video tutorial .

    6. Stratostat

    Thanks to the Raspberry Pi attached to the balloon, you can capture incredible beauty shots from the stratosphere. You can track its movement using GPS, and take pictures remotely if the device is still lost.

    Dave Ackerman's blog has tons of useful links .

    7. Speech Converter
    If you have problems reading, you can create a device that converts text to speech. Even if you have never had such problems, this is still a fascinating project. Of course, you will need additional parts, and the quality will not be comparable with audio books, but it's worth it.

    For details about the project, visit the Kolbire website .

    8. Camera

    There are several different ways to make a simple Raspberry Pi-based camera. And the more time you spend creating it, the better the result. If you can re-solder the elements on the board, you can get a thin camera with a TFT screen in a case printed on a 3D printer. How to do it? Watch a video.

    9. Tube watches
    Making a watch with the Raspberry Pi and Nixie lamps is not such a difficult task, and the result is impressive. In addition, if you connect them to the Internet, you can configure automatic switch to daylight saving time and vice versa. Just a few lines of code - and you have a wireless device on your desk.

    See the instructions on Martin Oldfil's website .

    10. Morse code transmitter

    Raspberry Pi will combine old and new technologies and create a Morse code transmitter. You will have to work hard to program the Pi, but when everything is finished, you will have in your hands a device capable of encoding and decoding Morse code. You can even get confused and create an old-school transmitter.

    A complete guide to the Raspberry Pi website .

    11. Weather station
    Compact, cheap, low power consumption - Raspberry Pi is ideal for creating your own weather station. After that, you no longer have to rely on weather forecasts on TV. True, you need a little “iron”, but it's not as complicated as it might seem at first glance.

    More on DragonTail .

    12. Birdhouse

    A box of plus Raspberry Pi - and you will have the opportunity to observe how birds live. You can even set up an online stream. Among the necessary details are infrared LEDs and the NoIR camera module.

    See the instructions on the Raspberry Pi website .

    13. Wi-Fi-oven

    To create this potbelly stove, James Gao took the old electric furnace, Raspberry Pi and parts printed on a 3D printer. Using a closed loop feedback system, remote control is carried out and the temperature level is automatically adjusted (this requires a thermocouple and a stepper motor).

    Code and photos can be found on the Raspberry Pi blog .

    14. Retro game console
    The Raspberry Pi can easily be turned into a console, a handheld computer or an old-school gaming machine. The easiest way is to download the emulator to an SD card and connect USB controllers. You can meet the hour, RetroPie to help you.

    A complete guide is on Lifehacker .

    15. Mace for juggling

    Suddenly among you there are those who are fond of juggling, and you want to add variety to this hobby. You can “revive” a mace (or ball) using LEDs. You will need an SD card, a Pibrella board, and a piece of Python code. It looks unusual.

    See the blog of Lauren Eggt, there are all the details of the project .

    16. Digital Garden

    For this project, you need a Pibrella board, several small motors, and, of course, a Raspberry Pi. Flower fan, a bee that starts flying at the touch of a button or installation with soothing music in the background.

    Geek Gurl Diaries’s YouTube channel has a walkthrough .

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